UK Conservatives likely to lose 2nd safe seat over leftward lurch | Beaufort County Now | special election Thursday in North Shropshire

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The British Conservative Party was stunned several weeks ago to lose a safe seat they had been winning by landslides in a by-election (special election).  Now the polls and the betting shops point to losing another in a by-election Thursday.

North Shropshire has elected a member of the Conservative Party to parliament for all but two of the last 170 years, and has been voting Conservative by landslide margins in recent decades.  Prime Minister Boris Johnson's lurch to the left seems about to change all of that.  Conservative voters are peeling away from Johnson, some staying home, some voting for the new Reform Party to the Conservatives' right, and some feeling it is socially acceptable to vote for the Liberal Democrats as a protest vote.

Johnson's lurch to the left started with an internal power struggle, in which his globalist live-in mistress (whom he has since married) Carrie Symonds, nicknamed "Princess Nut-Nut" in government circles, orchestrated the ouster of Johnson's longtime chief advisor, Domminic Cummings, a small "c" Conservative.  Since then, Johnson has pushed through the largest UK tax increase in decades, pushed an extreme "green" agenda, and imposed draconian Covid restrictions.  The last item has really got voters ire at present because right after it was discovered that Johnson and his inner circle had violated his own lockdown orders by holding a party in the Prime Minister's residence a year ago, Johnson proposed a new more oppressive lockdown to parliament to begin shortly.

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( December 17th, 2021 @ 8:21 pm )
Well, Johnson's party DID lose North Shropshire and by a fairly large margin. It was an anti-Johnson vote, and the cry within the UK Conservative Party to replace him has increased substantially.
( December 16th, 2021 @ 4:05 pm )
Over 100 Conservative Members of Parliament voted against Boris Johnson's new Covid restriction package in Parliament, a huge backbench rebellion by British standards. If the vote tonight shows a loss of North Shropshire, BoJo's days may be numbered.

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