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It's something that the Biden Administration knows quite well. Not even a week into the new year, Merrick Garland, Attorney General at the Department of Justice, announced a new "rule" for Federal Firearms Licensees, also known as FFLs. 

The "Rule" is as follows: FFLs must have "safe storage" options for sale. The government is mandating that FFLs sell locks and safes. It also changes the definition of an antique firearm; you can read the change here

While this might sound wholly bland and harmless, keep in mind that the DOJ can use the 1968 Gun Control Act to add new rules and regulations to gun ownership without passing any laws. This change means that unelected bureaucrats in executive branch positions can usurp federal power to make "law" as they see fit. 

It is precisely this attitude that we've seen throughout 2021 from the Biden Administration, the Department of Justice, and the ATF. There's no reason to expect that they would shift their plans for 2022.

The way all socialist dictatorships start, take or restrict guns so people cannot fight back and they own you.  You can vote your way into socialism, but you have to fight your way out.  


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( January 7th, 2022 @ 9:40 am )
The threat of gun control is a huge reason we need to keep local law enforcement in the hands of elected sheriffs, responsible to the voters, instead of appointed police chiefs. We saw that in Virginia, where numerous sheriffs went public with their vows not to enforce any gun control laws passed by the Democrat majority in Richmond, and some went farther vowing to make all local gun owners special deputies to get around state enforcement of any gun control laws. NO appointed police chiefs did that. That has also been the case around the country with elected sheriffs standing up for the 2nd Amendment, with at least one, in Missouri saying he would arrest federal officials if they tried to enforce any unconstitutional federal gun control laws.

The same is true with elected sheriffs around the country standing up for the Constitutional rights of citizens and refusing to enforce authoritarian Covid executive orders by power drunk governors. Many sheriffs here in eastern North Carolina stood up to Roy Cooper that way.

Elected sheriffs, responsible and responsive to voters, are a bulwark of our Constitutional liberties. When the elected county sheriffs stand tall for our liberties, the municipal police in their counties usually go along with them, but without the sheriffs standing up, the appointed municipal police chiefs tend to go along with big government.

If problems arise with a particular sheriff, the place to deal with that is at the ballot box in the next election.

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