America's First Idiot President and his "Girl Wonder" Bomb as "Our Leaders" | Beaufort County Now | America's most ignorant combination of president and vice president in modern history are unelectable after one year, and for the smarter half of our Republic's electorate, we should feel significantly better about our fellow citizens.

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America's most ignorant combination of president and vice president in modern history are unelectable after one year, and for the smarter half of our Republic's electorate, we should feel significantly better about our fellow citizens; however, who are the 32% that still approve of the Biden /Harris Team of Fools.

    Please understand, I did not vote for Biden /Harris; and if given a viable option, I would never vote for idiots to occupy any public office, so I am well within my rights to launch this rant here below:

Can the Functionally Stupid Truly Govern a Free People?

    Covid Joe, America's First Idiot President, and Kommie Harris, not much smarter, are foundering, and I do not see any way possible how these two fools will find any political footing to right their sinking ship - the S.S. Stupid. Furthermore, I will wager there is a good chance that neither will make it to the 2025 inauguration, where a very intelligent president and vice president will be sworn in, but not them, or anyone that did vote for them in 2020.

    As bad as Joe the Fool's first year has been, there is a silver lining ... Now it is conclusive, the toxic combination of abject ignorance and Marxism will never work in our Constitutional Republic. Thank-you Joe Stupid and Kommie Dishonest for manifesting to us all, by such a sterling example of incredible failure - your disastrous first year in office.

This could be one of the most ignorant, non patriotic streaming vomit of words signifying nothing in the history of our Representative Republic: Below.

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