Will Beaufort County's Commissioners be Resolved to Learn at What Point their Constituents Live in a "Border County"? | Beaufort County Now | This latest majority of Beaufort County's Commissioners provide to their constituents a robust lack of concern regarding the Biden /Harris Open Southern Border and Resettlement Project, deferring to the political wishes of fellow caucus members - the Democratic Socialists commissioners.

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Is it important, or even necessary to be concerned with what is inevitably true?

    This latest majority of Beaufort County's Commissioners have provided to their constituents a robust lack of concern regarding the Biden /Harris Open Southern Border and Resettlement Project, deferring to the political wishes of fellow caucus members - the Democratic Socialist commissioners. Will that which is real ever change?

    On many occasions during the general meetings of the Beaufort County Commissioners, while conducting the People's business, I have stressed how direly, how immediately important it is for the governing body of Beaufort County provide a unified voice regarding the distressful consequences of importing Illegal Immigrants into our community of folks, all living among us legally as naturalized or inherent citizens ... United States citizens.

    Illegal and unverifiable entry, whether induced by Democratic Socialists' policy to effect the Impactful Demographic Upheaval, is still illegal in nature, and therefore a crime against the community at large, an unplanned, disallowed incursion upon the fabric of who WE Americans are, and who we wish to become as a Democratic Republic. Moreover, when this injustice is wrought upon our society by a corrupt, unconstitutional and possibly illegitimate governing entity, such as the Biden /Harris administration, administering wrongly the laws of this Constitutional Republic, it is paramount that the public remain informed of what is occurring, and knowledgeable of what is real.

    Below you will find a short succinct resolution, only for the edification of Beaufort County, and the People's governing administration, initiated by this one commissioner to discover and know what the absolute ongoing Illegal Immigration incursion is Beaufort County, at least until the laws of the land are enforced and the Southern Border is no longer flung open Impactful Demographic Upheaval, a Democratic Socialist Ideal. I wholly believe the Southern Border can be perfectly defended by the patriots still within the United States Border Patrol, and that there still exists in this Republic patriotic politicians, governing leaders that know that defending our sovereign Borders are their patriotic duty.

Beaufort County's Commissioners Are Resolved to Direct Administrative Staff to Discover, by All Means Available, the Nature and Level of the Incursion of Illegal Immigration into Beaufort County

    Whereas, Beaufort County is situated in northeastern North Carolina, well more than a thousand miles from United States' Undefended Southern Border, which is the major component of the Biden /Harris Open Southern Border and Resettlement Project; however, due to their organized clandestine transportation schedule of distributing semi-processed Illegals - often under the cloak of darkness in the dead of night - to the farthest reaches of this self-governed Republic, Beaufort County is now becoming a "Border County", and;

    Whereas, Beaufort County is, and will be further tasked with funding the transition of more Illegal Immigrants into all facets of services provided to taxpaying citizens, which will prove to be an enormous financial burden weighing down all of Beaufort County's real citizens, therefore,

    Let it be resolved, Beaufort County's governing board directs Beaufort County's administration to discover all avenues of acquiring information to keep the Beaufort County Commissioners informed of that aforementioned organized movement of Illegal Migrants into Beaufort County, and to what extent Beaufort County's services are additionally taxed to provide this political benefit to those that champion Illegal Immigration, and a Wide Open Southern Border.

    Written by Beaufort County Commissioner Stan Deatherage for passage on March 7, 2022.

Should Beaufort County's commissioners be resolved to ask the federal government to defend our Southern Border by ending the Biden /Harris Open Border policy in regards to that one border that is intentionally made wide OPEN?
  Yes, Illegal Migrants are a huge expense to local governments.
  No, the cost of Undocumented Immigrants is insignificant in our providing a pathway for Dramatic Demographic Upheaval..
  I do not care about important issues since I only consider my own pleasures.
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( March 8th, 2022 @ 12:28 pm )
Considering his great level of dishonesty, on so many levels, my greater concern is: How many people own Frankie, and then, why does he translate those infamous ideals into the machinations of our People's government?
( March 8th, 2022 @ 11:36 am )
"My people need workers,...." Sounds like Waters owns people if he is referring to them as My people (mine). But by his statement I have to wonder how many people does he personally own?
I am guessing it is more like he is owned as in bought and paid for.
( March 8th, 2022 @ 9:12 am )
This measure did pass, with Nominal Republican Frankie Waters joining the two Democratic Socialist commissioners to stop Beaufort County from knowing when Illegal Migrants are brought into the community by the Federal Government, or their paid "public /private" partnerships.

After the vote, and when the commissioners had in a few spare minutes adjourned, I heard Frankie mutter "My people need workers, and they (the Biden /Harris Open Southern Border Resettlement Project) can let them in, and bring them up here for my people."

I currently have a bad left side (the one unaided without a lens, and a cataract raging until surgery can ensue) reading eye, but my hearing is pretty darn good, as it is for most guitar players, and I can discern sounds extremely well. My ability to hear has not diminished with age, but has only heightened in the last few years, as I naturally listen for the quality of tones, brought on by the quality of learning the arduous technique of playing that instrument later in life, just in the last 6 years.

Now for the real of it, Frankie considers himself the big-industrial-farmer community's go-to guy, so, I am reckoning that he is referring to that well publicly enriched special interest group as "my people".

From a historical and well archived point of consideration, there is a long history of Frankie Waters voting in a manner of unflinching support for Illegal Immigration, so it only stands to reason that this would be the case. If I am wrong here, please, anyone, let me know as to how I may be ... and do endeavor to be specific as I have a nature to be in everything I present.

This comment, preserved for posterity as public record on BCN, is my way of stating what I know to be true as per this immediate recollection of an event overheard.

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