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The Kyiv suburb of Bucha is being compared to scenes of atrocities in Bosnia as the retreat of Russian troops has revealed mass war crimes against civilians.  Many bodies of civilians were left on the streets, often with hands tied behind their backs and shot in the back of the head at close range.  Mass graves of murdered civilians are also being uncovered.  Boys as young as 14 are among the victims.  There are also many reports of rapes, sometimes gang rapes, of Ukrainian women and girls as young as 10 by Russian soldiers. 

The Prime Minister of Estonia proclaimed "this is not a battlefield it is a crime scene."

UPDATE:  in the town of Motyshyn, 20 miles from Bucha, which has now also been liberated from the Russian invaders, a mass grave of at least 20 civilians was found, including the mayor and her husband and son.  The mayor and her family had been "disappeared" by Russian troops when she refused to cooperate with their occupation.  Her body showed signs of torture including fingers and arms broken before death.

It has also been revealed that Russia sent out instructions on mass graves just weeks before the invasion began.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian air defense troops shot down Russia's most advanced fighter jet, the high tech SU-35 near Kharkiv.  The pilot of the $50 million plane bailed out and was captured. The weapon that downed the jet fighter was apparently another success for the British high velocity Starstreak system which the UK recently shipped to Ukraine.  Traveling three times the speed of sound, the Starstreak missile separates into three warheads that are laser guided to the target.  The British have also announced they are sending high  velocity anti-ship missiles to Ukraine so that they can take out ships of Russia's Black Sea fleet.  Poland has also said it will provide Ukraine with T-72 main battle tanks.

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( April 4th, 2022 @ 9:52 am )
There need to be war crimes trials for Putin and his generals. They all need to be indicted at The Hague and international arrest warrants issued. Lock them up! They need to face what the Nazi leadership faced at Nuremburg.

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