Mission Command: Public Question for Keith Kidwell (2094) | Beaufort County Now | Let's see if THIS question gets deflected like last time, shall we?

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       Kidwell (Varcoe, make sure Keith The Great sees this),

       Mr. Dave Wickersham contacted a friend of mine stating that two people called him, Wickersham, and claimed that my friend "incited controversy " with Dr. Greg Murphy and they, these two mysterious people, wanted my friend to not speak at a particular event. Wickersham also goes on to tell this particular friend of mine that if "any of this happens again, you'll be asked to leave". The funny part about this is that all of this "controversy" started after Mr. Wadsworth asked Murphy a direct question only to get blown off and talked down to....exactly like you did to me at that Pitt County TEA Party meeting some months back. My friend nor Mr. Wadsworth did anything more than what an intelligent concerned Patrioto would do. He, Mr. Wadsworth, took it to the enemy and I applaud him for it! More people should do this. 

      So, considering your history of calling actual Patriotos "plants sent in by the DEMS" (you can thank Ken Robol for that one👌), I'm wondering if you or someone you may have contributed money to (possibly Murphy, as we've found out via opensecrets.org) may have pulled the trigger on this friend of mine? The reason why I ask is because this sounds like some shit that you would pull.

       Oh and by the way, when you're explaining the attempted hit job on my friend, why don't you explain to everyone the following:

       1. Why you don't want to completely remove the voting machines in NC and FIX 2020?

       2. Why yourself and Ms. Cleta Mitchell push the same "red wave" Virginia model script?

       3.  Why do you acknowledge Joe Biden as the legitimate president when you know otherwise?

       If you're as close to il Presidento as you claim to be;I wonder what he would have to say about your odd behavior when asked legitimate questions by the public. Also, I hear you too support Sheriff Coleman. I wonder what he would say if he were to find out how you've treated Patriotos who have the balls to call you out for the actor that you are..... especially Patriotos from Beaufort County?

       Maybe he already knows.....maybe he doesn't? Be thinking about ways to pat yourself on the back and accuse me of being "a plant sent in by the DEMS".


       We'll talk soon, man👌







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