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"We are all equal up to the point of exertion" - Miss Hicks in "The human comedy"

    Liberal progressives embrace conformity. They value conformity because it engenders predictability and if there is anything a small mind loves (because it non-threatening) it's predictability. This is the primary reason that The Bill of Rights

    Is currently under attack. From freedom of speech to the delegated constitutional powers, the progressive are trying to nullify your unalienable rights.

    What is "politically correct speech" if it is not an attempt to channel your free flow of thought into something that is socially acceptable to the state? Why would the state attempt to force contraception and abortion down the throats of people with religious convictions that directly contradict these attempts? Why do we have a compliant media that dutifully reiterates the party line? Why do the likes of the Democrat and Republican Parties (The aristocracy) look down their noses at the few free thinkers that we have left? The attacks are unrelenting!

    The attempts to strip you of your weapons of self-defense is nothing more than a move designed to relieve you of the means of combating tyranny. Without weapons, the state can take anything that it wants, any time it wants, in any amount it wants and you have NO recourse. King George would be proud of this current crop of progressives.

    If we view the fourth amendment, we are NO longer secure in our papers, homes, phone calls, emails, or physical privacy. The NSA, FBI, and IRS have taken care of that. The omnipotent busybodies that constitute the bureaucracy have whetted the appetite for more and more of your personal information and wealth. All this spying is nothing but an attempt to identify the non-conformists for future reference.

    Finally, the bloated corpse that is the current federal administration has, over time, destroyed the concept of the enumerated powers. It has stuck it's nose into every area that had been delegated to the states and localities. In doing so, they have done a wonderful job of corrupting the states and localities with their twenty pieces of silver. The Golden Calf takes precedence over everything else.

    CRT, Genderism, Obamacare, Common core, Medicare A and D, Social Security and the Income Tax are all examples of the pursuit for conformity among the masses. The Progressives seek to create folks who will speak a certain way, act a certain way, live a certain way and assimilate a certain way. Of course, this would not include the so-called economic, social and political elites. They want you disarmed mentally and physically so that you are not a threat to their psychological and physical intrusions into your life. They would submit your children to curricular and teachers designed to support the collective rather then create free-thinking individuals. Yes, the progressives have a conformity of body, mind and spirit on their menu list. If we are not careful, we will all end up wearing the same gray smock, living in identical mud-huts and viewing the same materials as those unfortunate souls in Sir Thomas More's "Utopia". That would include the poverty stricken souls that "The Great Society" and Joebama were supposed to save.

    John W. LaCava  •  Bath, NC  •  June 25, 2022
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