WAR ON FOOD: German farmers now attacked on EU / WEF climate rules | Eastern North Carolina Now

The climate alarmists are involved in a war on our food supply, with Europe under the gun first, with the EU pushing the WEF climate agenda at the expense of the food security of people.  The latest target in Germany's largest state, North Rhein - Westphalia, where a third of the farmers are being told they will have to substantially reduce fertilizer use, which will drastically cut crop yields.  Many German farmers use animal manure for much of their fertilizer, as anyone who has ever driven through rural Germany in Spring time has constantly smelled.



Dutch farmers are already in open revolt against their government pursuing radical EU climate alarmist measures there against the farmers, with mass farmer demonstrations that have been ongoing for months under the slogan "No farmers - No food".  They have blockaded highways, ports, and food distribution centers.   The Netherlands is the world's second largest food exporter by value, after the United States, so what their government is doing to farmers would be felt far beyond the Netherlands.  Current political polls in the Netherlands show that the parties of the government coalition would lose half their seats in a new election,  while for the first time ever, the largest party would be Gert Wilders' populist / nationalist right Party for Freedom, which wants the country to leave the EU and strongly supports the farmers.

Sri Lanka is a cautionary tale of the severe pitfalls of following the WEF climate agenda and ESG.  Their leftist government sought advice from WEF experts on building an ESG economy, and ending fertilizer use was part of it.  The result was Sri Lanka becoming a failed state.  Lack of fertiziler meant reduced crop yields and a shortage of food.  The usual agricultural exports were not available so there was no foreign exchange to buy fuel or medicine, so there were severe shortages of both.  Mob rule resulted, with the presidential mansion seized by the mob and the private ancestral home of the prime minister burned to the ground, and both the president and prime minister resigning and fleeing the country.

The US is likely to see the Biden regime's EPA trying to pull this same war on food here before long.


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( December 2nd, 2022 @ 7:47 am )
Control the food, water, communications, you control the people. With Klaus Schwab coming out saying China is a roll model for the world none of this is surprising. Break the people with hunger, thirst and fill their heads with lies you can do what you want to them and most will thank you, until they are pushed to far, like China is finding out.

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