The Democratic Party Should Be the Real Target of Protestors and Rioters | Beaufort County Now | We have all seen the consistent destruction and looting that has been occurring in major cities in the name of Social Justice and fighting Racism. | beaufort observer, from the right, democratic party, real targets, protestors, rioters, july 7, 2020

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The Democratic Party Should Be the Real Target of Protestors and Rioters

    We have all seen the consistent destruction and looting that has been occurring in major cities in the name of Social Justice and fighting Racism. In truth the real targets should not be Republicans, conservatives and innocent Bystanders. The Real target should be the Democratic Party and their history of Racism. If our Young Rioters were properly instructed on the real facts of US History they would understand the truth of which party has a history of racism.

    Let us look at the facts. The Republican Party was started in 1854 and did not hold its 1st National Convention until 1856. It was formed to replace the Whig Party and was made up of anti - Slavery members who wanted to wipe out slavery. They included Free Democrats, Former Whig Party members, Abolitionists, Liberty Party Members and Freed Blacks. The Party included many Blacks noted in their fight against slavery. They include Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass and Sujourner Truth.

    The Emancipation Proclamation was signed by Republican President Abraham Lincoln and took effect affect January 1st 1863. It freed all slaves in states fighting the Union and helped guarantee Anti- slavery Nations like Britain and France did not aid the South. In addition it became the model for the 13th Amendment that abolished Slavery. Another effect allowed the Department of the Army to organize Afro American fighting forces. By the end of the war they numbered 200,000. Notice it was Republicans not the Democrats that led the day.

    In addition it was Republicans not the Democrats that passed the 13th Amendment in 1865. This amendment abolished Slavery in all the United States. Many if not all of those who opposed these actions joined and became leaders of the Democratic Party. In fact the Southern Democrats became the leaders and implementers of the "Jim Crow" laws. These laws were designed to restrict the Freedoms of the newly freed slaves and in fact found ways to enslave them again at least temporarily. In addition the Democrats in the South Formed the KKK designed to terrorize and kill the freed former slaves who tried to exercise their new rights as citizens.

    The 14th Amendment was passed by Republicans to fight the Democrats Black Codes or Jim Crow laws. As many Democrats in the North did not want to extend voting rights to the Freed Slaves the15th Amendment was passed in 1865. It guaranteed freed slaves the right to vote anywhere in the US. Again it was passed by Republicans.

    Moving into more modern times, it was the Democrats, led by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who gathered up all Japanese citizens in the US and put them into camps for the rest of World War II. Again if it was not for massive Republican support The Civil Rights act of the 1964 would not have passed as many Democrats opposed it. It was a Republican President, Richard Nixon who had passed the 1st Affirmative Action plan in 1969.

    The Press is not fully reporting the removal of 4 portraits of former speakers of the House of Representatives by current Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Three of the 4 were members of the Democratic Party and the 4th a former member of the Whig party. NONE were Republican.

    Senator Robert Byrd, a noted Democratic Senator from West Virginia was a KKK member and in fact in his twenties and thirties had the title "Kleagle" after recruiting approximately 150 members to the West Virginia Klan. Admittedly he recanted these positions in his later years but our current protesters and rioters do not ever forgive anyone else of past transgressions.

    Interesting that this past week, the Democrats in the US Senate refused to support a resolution that condemns the violence and looting going on in our cities. It sounds like they want it to continue not for the betterment of a particular group but to use it politically against President Trump.

    So I repeat, maybe our Protesters, looters and rioters need to review their history and start focusing their upsetment on the Democratic Party. Then as they attack and destroy Statues and monuments to Democrats such as FDR, Byrd etc., and they demonstrate in front of Democratic Party offices, we will suddenly see an urgency by the Democratic Party to stop the lawlessness.


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