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Part II: The rest of the list of salaries the taxpayers are paying in the Sheriff's Office

Last week we published the first part of this series on salaries the taxpayers are paying in the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office.  Click here to review that article:  Sheriff Coleman, Another Big Spender | Beaufort County Now

Here is the second part:

Sheriff Coleman -- Another  Big Spender, the rest of the list

By:  Hood Richardson

Note the Timothy Hickman increase of $37,954 fills an new job position.  The rumor mill has is that hiring Hickman would allow Ernie Coleman and Charlie Rose to spend more time on politics.

The increase of $8,327 for Charlie Rose and the Hickman job along with  only two others was approved by the Board of County Commissioners.  The others were not.

Name                                                             Increase                                    To

Michael Gerard                                              $3,053                                     $46,350

Callie Harris                                                     4,511                                       65,000

Jeremy Hewitt                                                  2,671                                       71,766

Timothy Hickman                                          37,954                                       81,251

Hubert Hill                                                       4,984                                       56,667

Jason Hill                                                          7,211                                       51,515

Leonard Hudson                                               7,550                                       57,233

Joseph Knox                                                     5,202                                       57,222

Michael Lore                                                    6,565                                        50,000

Kasey Neal                                                       6,057                                        51,005

David Richards                                                 5,752                                        52,030

Charles Rose                                                     8,327                                        91,601

Gregory Rowe                                                   5,691                                       51.005

Thomas Salinas                                                 1,327                                        45,905

Brantley Shackelford                                         6,841                                       55,550

Kevin Sitterson                                                  7,726                                       52,030

James VanLandingham                                      6,697                                       67,639

Wesley Waters                                                   6,143                                       51,515

Ernie Coleman:  Salary is $107,409.



( February 3rd, 2021 @ 2:47 pm )
Don't even want to know how much our taxes will go up next year to pay for this all and all the other democrat/rino agenda. We will know soon enough. Any bets that since Rebholz won't be running for re-election he will vote for tax increases.

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