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RootsTech Connect 2021: Virtual and Free February 25–27

RootsTech Connect 2021: Virtual and Free February 25–27


This year, the world’s largest family history celebration event will be virtual and completely free. For the first time ever, there will be more than 100 sessions for Latter-day Saints of all ages on topics such as calling-based advice and involving your whole family in the work of salvation.


Celebrate your family history, connect with friends, and learn how to preserve your life stories—from the comfort of your home.


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Look Forward to Multilingual Classes, Cultural Activities, and More!



Keynote Speakers

This year’s keynote speakers include athletes, musicians, motivational speakers, actors, and well-known genealogists. Their experiences and knowledge will provide a meaningful experience for all attendees!


Classes from around the Globe

Topics will range from discovering family stories to tracing ancestry, preserving memories, and more. With a wide expanse of available languages, you and your friends around the world can come away with new knowledge!


Virtual Expo Hall

This special feature of RootsTech Connect allows you to see the latest technologies produced for genealogy. Learning more about these new tools and resources could change the way you do family history!


Cultural Activities

Individual cultures give us unique characteristics that we can add to our identity. During RootsTech, there will be many ways to celebrate your heritage through the art, physical activities, and music unique to your culture!

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Hat tip to Buzz Cayton for sending us this link.

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