Trump Quote Helps Boost Meadows’ New Conservative Gig | Beaufort County Now | Former N.C. congressman and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has enlisted former President Donald Trump’s help to promote his latest venture.

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Trump Quote Helps Boost Meadows’ New Conservative Gig

Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the Carolina Journal. The author of this post is CJ Staff.

    Former N.C. congressman and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has enlisted former President Donald Trump's help to promote his latest venture.

    A fundraising email from Meadows' Conservative Partnership Institute features an endorsement from the 45th president.

    "For decades, the left has been using a vast array of nonprofit organizations to achieve its policy aims," Trump said in the email. "It is time for conservatives to start fighting back more aggressively than ever before."

    "The Conservative Partnership institute played a critical role in supporting my administration by training, equipping, and uniting conservatives throughout Washington — from the impeachment battles to the fights to confirm pro-Constitution Supreme Court Justices," Trump added.

    "Led by two of the most fearless leaders in Washington and my great friends, Jim DeMint and Mark Meadows, CPI is helping to build out the vital infrastructure we need to lead the America First movement to new heights."

    Trump also cites CPI's work on election integrity, "strong borders," "fair and reciprocal" trade, and defending against the "woke cancel-culture."

    DeMint, a former U.S. senator from South Carolina, also led the conservative Washington-based Heritage Foundation before joining CPI.

    In the same email, Meadows describes CPI as "the nerve-center of the Fighting Right: supporting, coordinating, and training effective conservative leaders in Washington."

    "In every emerging fight in American politics — against Big Tech, election integrity, amnesty for illegal immigrants, Critical Race Theory, and woke socialism — CPI has established a beachhead and is going on offense," Meadows adds later in the fundraising pitch.

    Meadows represented North Carolina's 11th Congressional District for nearly four terms. He left his congressional job in 2020 to serve Trump as chief of staff.
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