6am Update (7/8/21) — Tropical Storm Elsa | Beaufort County Now | There were very minor changes with this morning’s update from the National Weather Service.

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Press Release:

    There were very minor changes with this morning's update from the National Weather Service. Those changes have been highlighted below:


    Rain will begin to move into the area between 8–10am this morning, and continue through midnight. The heaviest rains are expected to occur between 10am–8 pm, with most of Beaufort County receiving 1/4–1 inch of rain. Heavy downpours capable of causing localized flash flooding are possible anytime Thursday.


    A Tropical Storm Warning has been issued for Beaufort County, meaning Tropical Storm Force winds (39–73 mph) are expected within the next 36 hrs. South winds will begin to increase after sunrise on Thursday, becoming sustained between 15–25 mph by mid-afternoon. (2–4pm). These elevated sustained winds will transition to the southwest and are forecasted to last 4–6 hours before diminishing between 7–9pm for most areas of our county. Wind gusts up to 30–35mph are possible during this same time period. Areas along our county's shorelines and inland areas west of Hwy 17 have the greatest chance of experiencing higher sustained winds and more frequent / intense wind gusts.

    Severe Thunderstorms / Tornados

    While forecasted conditions for Beaufort County have improved, severe thunderstorms and / or isolated tornados remain possible throughout the day. The potential for these impacts appear to be highest between 11am–6pm.

    Storm Surge

    Elsa is NOT expected to cause any significant storm surge to Beaufort County. However, minor inundation is possible for low lying areas susceptible to southern winds and / or flash flooding.

    Please see the email below and attached briefing from the National Weather Service for more information. This will be the last forecast update shared for Elsa.

    We encourage everyone to continue to monitor local media outlets for any watches and / or warnings that may be issued.

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  • Deputy Director
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  • Washington, N.C. 27889
  • Office: (252) 940-6511
  • Cell: (252) 378-5352
  • Chris.Newkirk@co.beaufort.nc.us

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