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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Sweden is an example to the world that citizens do not have to be deprived of their freedom to defeat the Wuhan coronavirus called Covid.  Despite the new variants that have the US left's panties in a twist, Sweden is seeing no daily Covid deaths, and a new research study shows that they have reached herd immunity.  Overall, their deaths from the disease were only a little over 14,000, far less than Belgium, a county with a similar population which took very aggressive lockdown measures.

What was Sweden's approach?  They had no lockdowns or mask mandates.  They did not limit the number of people in restaurants, shopping malls, public transportation, or other places.  High schools closed very temporarily but grade schools never closed at all.  Sweden's virologists from the beginning chose a strategy of seeking herd immunity, and it has worked.   What deaths have occurred were mostly early in the pandemic in nursing homes, which in retrospect should have had greater protection, and among the migrant community, the reason for the latter not yet determined.

As to the variants, herd immunity seems to offer better protection than the vaccines. Vaccines are available in Sweden, but the government is not pushing them.  Left to personal choice, vaccination rates in Sweden are at about the European average.

While personal freedom has been preserved, so has the economy, with Sweden's economy the best performing in Europe.


North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper could learn a lot from Sweden instead of using what, in fact, is science fiction to impose Faucism, a type of fascism, by government decree on North Carolinians.


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( August 4th, 2021 @ 10:25 am )
Herd immunity should be our goal. The narrative now being shoved down our throats is insane.

The only science Governor Cooper is following is fascist science fiction. Now that our population is split into factions including those drunk with power, the true believers, morons, the frightened, and skeptics with unanswered questions, we can now expect the first four groups to be propagandized into a frenzy toward persecuting the last group. This type of behavior is nothing new in how the powerful seek to consolidate their power at the expense of regular folks.
( August 4th, 2021 @ 9:06 am )
The govt uses the lockdowns, mask and other restrictions NOT to control the virus but to control the people. IMO this was never about virus control but 100% about controlling the people and making sure they would willing follow orders out of fear. This has all been a test to see how far they could push we the people with fear and restrictions. Now that they know the control will most likely get more and more unless something is done to stop it.

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