Will Cuomo sex harassment scandal impact Biden or McCrory? | Eastern North Carolina Now | Both Biden and Pat McCrory have been accused of sexual harassment

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Impeachment or resignation are in the air for NY Governor Andrew Cuomo after the NY state AG's report on Cuomo sexually harassing 11 women, 9 or them state employees. Several DA's have also opened criminal investigations.  Will all of this attention on sexual harassment impact other politicians, particularly Joe Biden and Pat McCrory, who have also been accused of sexual harassment?

Biden has been accused by former Senate staffer Tara Reid of putting his hand up her dress, digitally penetrating her private parts, trying to kiss her, and asking for sexual favors.  He has also been accused by female secret service agents of swimming nude in front of them, causing embarrassment.. Biden has called for Cuomo's resignation, but shouldn't Biden man up and resign himself?  Or will the media forget all about that and cover up for him?

Then there is Pat McCrory.  McCrory has been accused by a male ABC News reporter, Alex B. Peterson, of sexual harassment after an interview Peterson did with McCrory.  Peterson's previous accusation of sexual harassment against a leader of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project proved to be true.  According to Peterson, at the conclusion of the interview, he asked McCrory for his microphone back, and McCrory smirked, leaned in, and said "I hoped you'd reach into my pocket and grab it".


Will the Cuomo media feeding frenzy be enough to get the press to move on McCrory on this?  Or will they wait and hope he gets the GOP nomination before saying much?

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( August 5th, 2021 @ 1:25 pm )
Tara Reade is firing up on Biden for sexually harassing and indeed sexually assaulting her.
www.breitbart.com But Big Media will surely cover for him as they usually do.

McCrory? That has not gotten much attention yet, but if he gets the nomination it will. Sexual harassment of another man will not play well with the GOP base, and that could hurt general election turnout for the GOP. Lets hope he is not the nominee.

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