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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)


Would someone explain this to us:  If covid vaccines are so necessary why is it that several ships which had fully vaccinated occupants had outbreaks of covid? 

It was reported last week that the Navy combat ship USS Milwaukee sidelined over COVID-19 (nypost.com) and a third Florida-based cruise ship had a similar COVID outbreak (nypost.com) outbreak among vaccinated travelers.  How can that be?

Obviously, vaccines do not prevent contracting covid.  Arguably they may keep those who contract it from suffering a stronger attack, but there is little solid evidence of that.

As we reported months ago, the Big Pharma developers of the vaccines told us when they first came out that they are not intended to prevent getting covid.  So why is the government pushing vaccines so strongly.

Then you can make a strong case that the states with the highest rates of vaccinations also have the highest rates of covid cases.

In truth, the LibertyDaily.com may have the answer in this article.  It is all more about control of people than it is about disease.

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( December 27th, 2021 @ 7:34 am )
So very true. Virus control is was never about controlling the virus any more than climate control is about controlling the climate, both are about people control.
If you take a look what we have been told about COVID since the beginning and compare it to what we were told about AIDS/HIV you will find both scenario's are alike. First it was even causal contact and you can get it, then if someone with the disease touches something and then you touch it you can get it. Drugs that have been proven over and over to work in stopping the diseases were held back from approval or out right banned from use. Who was telling the above during the start of AIDS/HIV, Fauci. Seems same playbook, different disease. Fauci is all about control and causing death and harm.
Think about all the people you know that have died with/from COVID that were denied a chance and right to try something that might have saved their lives. The reason they were denied the right to try, if there is something that is proven to work, then the EUA is not needed and big pharma does not make billions upon billions of dollars and the people control with mask, lockdowns, mandates of experimental injections all goes away.

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