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An orgy of big spending by Congress, including both Democrats and RINOs like Thom Tillis and Richard Burr has left the US with the seventh highest debt to GDP ratio in the world.  This is even without the radical "Build Back Better" debt bomb which would worsen the problem.  It is part of what is pushing inflation and could easily collapse the dollar.  It also means that if interest rates rise, the US is going to have a hard time even servicing the debt it currently has.  Biden's fake "infrastructure" bill that Tillis and Burr both voted for is the most recent major spendthrift legislation that has passed.

What is telling is looking at the other countries which have gotten themselves into this same mess with overspending.  The worst is Venezuela, whose currency has totally collapsed in hyperinflation, but the other countries the US finds itself in the company of are also economic basket cases - Greece, Italy, Lebanon, and Sudan. Lebanon has also seen its currency trashed.  Greece and Italy have avoided it only because they use a currency propped up by other countries, the euro, but that is now even jeopardizing the euro itself.

Voters need to remember the RINOs who have been complicit in this overspending, who have been voting with the Democrats to spend like drunken sailors.  Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, in particular come to mind, and it is the same group that is pushing RINO Pat McCrory for US Senate.

Flakes of gold have become the preferred currency in Venezuela these days.  Smart Americans are stockpiling their own gold and silver.

Voters need to remove as many Democrats and RINO spendthrifts as possible in the upcoming elections and replace them with fiscally sound conservatives

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( December 27th, 2021 @ 7:40 pm )
Lets put this US government debt into perspective. Our debt to GDP ratio is worse than Argentina or Zimbabwe. If we look at the countries that almost dragged the euro down, the PIIGS, we are right in the same category, worse than 3 of them, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland, and coming up close to a 4th, Italy. Only Greece is significantly worse.

Thanks a lot, Democrats, and thanks so much for giving them a helping hand RINOs Tillis and Burr. You might as well be Democrats.

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