WATCH: Self-Proclaimed Teacher Brags She Talks To Preschoolers About ‘Sexuality,’ ‘Transness,’ ‘Pronouns’ | Beaufort County Now | "To the parents who refuse to educate their children on queerness"

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    A woman claiming to be a "queer educator" bragged in a viral TikTok video that she talks to her preschool students about "pronouns, transness, gender expression, and sexuality," rubbing it in the faces of parents who "refused to educate their children on queerness."

    "To the parents who refuse to educate their children on queerness," the text of the video starts out. "I am an openly non-binary trans preschool teacher. I talk to my students about pronouns, transness, gender expression, and sexuality."

    The video is tagged with the following hashtags: #queereducator #genderfluid #nonbinary #trans #teachyourchildren #queernessisbeautiful.

    The account belongs to a woman named "Ash," with the handle "handsomefulandpurdy."



    Parents across the nation have been protesting school districts' policies related to gender and sex. Most notably, Loudoun County parents erupted in protest after a girl was raped in a bathroom by a biologically male student wearing a skirt - a story broken by The Daily Wire's Luke Rosiak. Parents blasted school policies, the district's alleged coverup of the horrifying incident, and the treatment of the victim's father.

    In September, The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh led a protest of frustrated parents in the county. "The days of cooperation with evil and falsehood are over," he told a fired-up crowd.

    "Those perverts on the school boards tell our daughters that they're bigots because they don't want to change in the locker room in front of their male classmates," Walsh continued. "They seek to be like gods, not creating but recreating our children in their own twisted image."

    Scott Mineo, a parent at the protest, told fellow parents, "There is no silver bullet in this fight. You know what the silver bullet is? It's us: all of us here."

    Additionally, as reported by The Daily Wire this summer, Jefferson County Public School district, the second-largest school district in Colorado, instructed "teachers not to inform parents if their child shows persistent signs of gender confusion":

    Jefferson County Public School district (Jeffco) in the nearby Denver area sent out a "Toolkit for Supporting Transgender & Gender Expansive/Nonconforming Students" to teachers. The toolkit included a picture of the "gender unicorn," which claims that there is a difference between "gender identity," "gender expression," "sex assigned at birth," and whom people are both physically and emotionally attracted to.

    One Jeffco parent reached out to The Daily Wire concerned that the school would not inform parents if their child is over the age of 11. According to school guidance, if a child in secondary school uses a different name, gender, or is using different pronouns at school, teachers are not required to inform the parents.

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