Controversy As SNL Invites Real Live Comedian To Perform | Eastern North Carolina Now | Saturday Night Live, a show dedicated solely to solemn social critiques and pedantic lectures, has made waves after inviting a real live comedian to perform.

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    NEW YORK, NY     Saturday Night Live, a show dedicated solely to solemn social critiques and pedantic lectures, has made waves after inviting a real live comedian to perform.

    With actual comedian Dave Chapelle slated to host SNL this weekend, the show's writers and cast members were reportedly working tirelessly to prepare for the exposure to comedy.

    "It's a big change for us, trying this 'comedy' thing," said castmember Kate McKinnon while using air quotes. McKinnon is best known for her recurring role as Hillary Clinton being somber, sad, and full of gloom. "I've been working on a few 'jokes' myself. Here's my best one..."

    McKinnon then proceeded to rant for seven minutes on how Donald Trump was a bad man.

    Other cast members have been working on material that they believe this Chapelle fellow would find funny. Cecily Strong, for instance, prepared an outright hilarious sketch about how abortions should be required by law. Michael Che wrote a laugh-out-loud bit in which he calls all white people demons again. Showing the most comedic potential of the group, Pete Davidson was seen staring at a wall and drooling. The entire SNL cast seemed to be rising to the challenge of being funny.

    At publishing time, SNL stirred up more controversy by inviting an actual guest musician, Megadeth.

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