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    Publisher's note: This post appears here on BCN with the expressed permission of the Babylon Bee - friends that can find your funny bone in a very dark room.

    BOCA RATON, FL     Over the past few weeks, Ben Shapiro has created video responses to Kanye "Ye" West's anti-semitic statements, causing West to direct tweets at the conservative commentator. Shapiro further escalated the situation this week by releasing an epic diss track that industry analysts say spells the end of "Ye's" career.

    "The smooth flow, the torrent of staccato attacks on Ye's artistic talents and hateful views, and pounding rhythm make this song the crescendo of what will absolutely be remembered as the greatest feud in the history of rap," said Youtuber and music critic Anthony Fantano on his channel. He went on to detail other famous battles in the history of hip-hop, chronicling the genre's most bitter feuds until Ye and Ben began trading barbs in speedily-delivered rap songs and faster-talking podcasts.

    Shapiro, who now goes by "50 Shekels," unambiguously calls out the longtime rap and fashion icon in "No Sabbath Rest For The Wicked, Ok Gang?" which was released Monday. After "50 Sheks" opens with the simple bars "At the Daily Wire / I'm spittin' fire," he launches into a series of complex rhymes enumerating his plans to decimate Ye:

    I'll take you to school

    I'll be your proctor

    You need some ice for that burn?

    Well, my wife's a doctor

    The song includes a clear defense of Jews and Judaism as well, including a segue into an interlude:

    Despite what you think

    Jews ain't money-hungry monsters

    I'll explain it to ya more

    But first a word from our sponsor

    The main praise for the newly-minted rapper is that he is able to rhyme with a wide variety of phrases with "use promo code BEN," including veiled threats against Ye's online security: "If you try to 'Make Antisemitism Great Again,' you'd better protect your data with express VPN."

    Critics have given mixed reviews of the diss track's fifth verse, citing "thin" and "flimsy" thematic connections between Shapiro's boasts of plans to put Ye's career to "bed" with a clunky transition into the importance of acquiring a personalized, high-quality mattress for up to $350 off + 2 FREE Pillows with all mattress orders on

    Praise has been unanimous, however, for the track's final verse, which achieves impressive rhymes and indicates that Shapiro is just getting started: "I'm rolling up my sleeves, takin' off my yarmulke / Gonna uppercut Ye into Andromeda." An album of sonnets by Michael Knowles, gangster rap by Matt Walsh, and razor-related rap from Jeremy Boreing have already been announced to arrive from Daily Wire Records this Spring.
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