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 By:  Hood Richardson

Few people get to make or witness history.  I was there. I saw it firsthand.  For the first time since Reconstruction (about 150 years) a Beaufort County Commissioner Board composed entirely of registered Republicans voted. It happened during the annual budget retreat on Friday January 27, 2023.   Democrat Commissioners Langley and Booth were absent.  Those that remained were the five who were elected as Republicans.

I made a motion to reduce the tax levy by about four million dollars for the County business year beginning July 1. 2023. Three Republican commissioners voted against reducing taxes. Two voted for reducing taxes.  Walker, Waters and Rebholz voted not to reduce taxes.  Deatherage and I voted to reduce taxes.

History was made in more ways than only five Republican commissioners being present.  The County Manager indicated that he did not know how to reduce taxes!  Walker, Waters, and Rebholz also indicated they did  not know how to reduce taxes.  (This is a video recorded meeting, check me out) They used the same ploy they used at the January meeting when Stan Deatherage presented a resolution on restoring the purpose of education.  They proffered that they were confused and could not understand the resolution.  The voters will have to decide whether these individuals are actually that dumb or whether they do not want to lower taxes, maybe both. 

It is now noteworthy that we have Republicans who are stupid or who do not want to lower taxes.  We see that in Raleigh and Washington D.C.  all the time.  Most of these politicians have better cover than pleading stupid. It is noteworthy that these Republicans have enough confidence in what the public wants, to vote not to reduce taxes.

We tried to reduce the tax rate last year but the same group of Republicans along with Democrats Langley and Booth voted to spend the money.  Spending went up 14 percent.  They found many rat holes, like free tuition at the community college.  They have new rat holes this year.  The back room will determine how your 5-million-dollar surplus is spent again this year.

The five-million-dollar surplus is based on taking the arbitrary 35 percent savings balance and subtracting it from the cash on hand.  That leaves a 5-million-dollar surplus.  What about the other 37 million dollars in the saving account? The truth is most of that 37 million is surplus too.

Common sense says that when government collects enough money to create a surplus then taxes were too high.

If one takes the Beaufort County budget which is about 67 million dollars and adds the savings account, there is about 109 million dollars for the commissioners to “play with.”  Why is it we cannot find 4 million dollars to reduce taxes when we are piling up this kind of money?

Let me tell these Big Spenders and the County Manager how to cut taxes.  Simply direct the department heads to submit a budget that is 80% of what it was last year.  If they wish they can tell the department heads to itemize what will be cut from their budget at 80% of last year.  Anything put on that list of cuts must come back to the BOC before those cuts can be spent.

And if you want to get really interesting results the board could offer a 10% bonus to each department head that achieves actually implementing those cuts.

Our National Distress is caused by the Federal Government spending.  The COVID handouts are directly related to inflation.  That is, they are a chief cause of the inflation we are now suffering.  Tens of millions of people are getting money from the Federal Government, that is why they do not want to work.  This is all borrowed money.  The major spending is done by the Feds but they have a lot of enthusiastic help from State and County Governments.  From history we should remember 1929, rich one day and broke the next.  Could it happen again?

Fake Frankie Waters took exception, calling people liars, when he was accused of raising spending during the 2022 election.  Fake Frankie along with his cronies are doing the same thing again.  Nothing changed as a result of the last election.  John Rebholz and Randy Walker will be giving you the same excuses during the 2024 elections. 

Rebholz, Waters and Walker do not think like Republicans.  Certainly not conservative Republicans. Reagan believed in “lower taxes, less government and more freedom”.  I challenge you to fit these three commissioners into Reagan’s definition.  Rebholz is spouting to all who will listen that he can lower the cost of housing.  By giving away tax dollars!  His cheerleaders think he is going to tap these Beaufort County funds to subsidize housing.  Does this sound like a Republican?  With the three RINOs and the two Democrats there are enough votes to pull it off and send the bill to you.

During this budget workshop the manager proposed to present the “continuation budget.”  That is, take last year’s budget and add to it.  There was no discussion about lowering spending or changing services.  In order to control the dialogue Waters runs these meetings on a strict timetable.  This allows his team to say what they want but the opposition is limited.  

Watch for the increased spending to be hidden just like it was last year. Taxes will not go up because we are collecting more taxes than anticipated.  The reason is increased sales tax revenue and the more than 200 homes built in Beaufort County last year.  We are all being overtaxed because these increased revenues should be returned to the taxpayer by lowering the property tax rate.  This is legalized thievery, if there is such a thing.

Republicans like these are why we have fewer Democrats in Beaufort County.   If you want to change government, you have to change the people who are running government.

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( February 8th, 2023 @ 3:05 pm )
I represent what I know to be wise, and that which I embody within the core of my political person, that which I held myself out to be when I run for office.

That is what I represent. When my constituency grows, then a greater number know who represents them. That is my evolving qauge.

This is how all truly honest politicians know it to be. I did not make up the rules, but I am well aware that this is how it works.
Big Bob said:
( February 8th, 2023 @ 2:54 pm )
They all do that RH. Trump signed many executive orders.
Big Bob said:
( February 8th, 2023 @ 2:58 pm )
Stan, Are you saying you only represent those who voted for you?
( February 8th, 2023 @ 2:48 pm )
The politician today who smacks most of fascism is Joe Biden. Ruling by decree (executive order) instaed of legislation is one of the hallmarks of fascism. It is how Hitler and Mussolini ruled, and that is how Biden rules. The "corporate state" of pulling large businesses into the government policy and control arena is another hallmark of fascism, and Biden is pushing that. Then there is the way he is weaponized federal law enforcement and related agencies. A recent poll found that a majority of Americans agreed with Roger Stone's assessment that the FBI has become "Biden's personal Gestapo".
( February 8th, 2023 @ 2:31 pm )
Like all Leftists, you are now calling me a "Fascist," as if you would actually know what a "Fascist" is?

Big Bob, "if that is your real name," I will now pull intellectual rank on you when it comes to the United States Government, and how it works:

I have constituents, many of whom have been with me through 7 successful elections, and the closer I am to an election, the closer I know who my constituents are, and the better they KNOW who I am.

Once I am elected, I am their voice, and I will submit to all, I am their wise voice, and until I step down or am unelected, I remain their political voice. Accordingly, I will do all within my power to govern accordingly as I see fit to do so in a manner in which I have held myself out to be, in a manner that is fitting to what I believe to be their concerns.

That is an awesome responsibility that I take most seriously, ergo, I stridently defend my constituents against the like of Leftists, such as yourself, your representatives.

While you believe this to be some little cute cliched game that you think you could understand as well as someone such as myself, I assure you this is serious business; and, when I am sitting as a representative of my constituents' voice in this local government, I am actively defending my constituents from the like of those, who elect your representatives, whose actions often run counter with those of my constituents' basic interests.

You have to know that what you flippantly think is real does NOT often align with what my constituents know to be true, and that they will, and they do expect their representatives, such as myself, to stand as a bulwark against much of what you expect your representatives to likewise flippantly enact that my constituents consider detrimental.

Big Bob, you can do and act as you wish, even here, within certain parameters, on ENC NOW, where I hold total control; however, I warn you that I become most suspicious of individuals operating under an alias who flippantly accuse real people of substance of being a "Fascist."
Big Bob said:
( February 8th, 2023 @ 1:23 pm )
Sorry, but you don't speak for all. The quirk of every fascist is thinking they know best. Good luck with that.
( February 8th, 2023 @ 10:33 am )
"Sure differences divide us, but we all love our country."


I watched as much as could stomach of Ly'n' Joe Bid'n' - - in his State of the Union Fantasy Drivel, and I have long served with Democratic Socialists, and so-called Republicans, who believe in a Wide OPEN Southern Border, where this Republic is invaded daily, in plain sight, so NO Big Bob, "but we all love our country" is not on any table of reality for me and my constituents.
Big Bob said:
( February 7th, 2023 @ 9:30 am )
A tad dramatic but we can agree to disagree. In the end, I think we're all Americans with shared interests. Sure differences divide us, but we all love our country.
( February 7th, 2023 @ 6:57 am )
( February 6th, 2023 @ 9:00 pm )
You started all this by "playing dumb," and remember, there is this abject reality that my constituents are my top concern, and they are just fine with what I project as their representative. That political reality was confirmed by the last election.

You thinking that I am a pin cushion for your amusement, because I am a committed politician, is no argument for you, and others like you who don't understand the depth of these salient issues that must addressed and ultimately corrected.

If you, and those that you are an apologist for, do not approve of my syntax, my diction, put your own written solutions out there for review. That is how I understand the process of the work that must be done to move others to action.

In the meanwhile Big Bob, with all the constant corruption that I am acquainted with, a stain that lies upon the government of Beaufort County and elsewhere among your kind, I have little patience for those of you who "play dumb," and use that condition of the banal as an excuse for your deception away from that NOW uncovered corrupted behavior of YOUR people.
Big Bob said:
( February 6th, 2023 @ 8:53 pm )
look Stan, you are an elected government official and as such have to expect some criticism from the public. Nothing personal. The implication that I'm stupid because because you sometimes "wax poetic" to put it kindly, is neither fair nor factual.
( February 6th, 2023 @ 7:42 pm )
Hood was right, playing dumb is easy for those that NEVER write in a manner to organize complex issues that must be addressed by policy makers that can actually read for comprehension, and need to be motivated to act.

If one never writes to complex issues, one has trouble reading for succinct comprehension on complex issues, which is not my fault. It is also not my fault that I do not write in cliches for mass consumption, for those who are dumbed down by Social Media, etc.

Ultimately, I do not strive to reach that group, they are not the decision makers that is my goal to reach.
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