RINO Sen. Jim Perry leads attack on conservative Ins. Comm. Causey | Eastern North Carolina Now

NC Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey is a solid conservative Republican who has stood up for the citizens repeatedly this session against liberal moves by the legislative "leadership"  Now some of Berger's cronies including RINO Senator Jim Perry who represents this district want to punish him for it.  They have already moved Causey and his staff out of their offices into lesser quarters. Now they want to strip him of some of his duties and bury that knife in the back in the state budget.

One major issue on which Causey and Perry crossed swords was over the corrupt special interest legislation that allowed non-profit Blue Cross / Blue Shield to raid their own insurance reserves and carve off a large part of it to go into profit making business.  Perry was a major supporter of that crooked special interest move, and Causey loudly denounced it as harmful to Blue Cross policyholders by depleting their reserves for paying out claims and likely leading to future insurance rate increases.  State Treasurer Dale Folwell joined in the criticism of this insider special interest legislation.  When a non-profit insurer's reserves are too much, they are supposed to be given back to policyholders in some fashion, not taken by the "non-profit" insurer for other purposes.  This was a blatant consumer ripoff that Perry and his allies pushed through.

Now, Perry and a small clique of supporters of the Blue Cross scam are taking it out on Causey for his shining a light on what they were doing.  They have had special provisions added to the state budget to strip Causey of his title as State Fire Marshall and his department's responsibilities for those issues.


Jim Perry is nothing but a prostitute for the special interests who badly needs to be primaried out of office.  This dude is nothing but Liz Cheney without the skirt.

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( September 22nd, 2023 @ 9:49 am )
The information on RINO Jim Perry being involved in snatching responsibilities from Mike Causey is from the linked article from the Daily Haymaker. Its author, Brant Clifton, has covered the General Assembly for years and I suspect knows a whole lot more about what is going on than you do "FreedomFirst". Read Brant's article and educate yourself!

Another big difference between Causey and Perry, is that Causey is a long time Republican activist, going back to the Young Republicans, who has paid his dues in the party and stands by party principles while Perry is a Johnny-Come-Lately who nobody had ever heard of until he showed up to try to get a legislative vacancy due to a resignation, and who in the legislature very often abandons GOP principles.

Just as you use a pen name, so do I, and here is a hint of where it comes from:
( September 22nd, 2023 @ 9:06 am )
So only the powerful special interests have the money to buy Pay-to-Play Perry? Like Big Medicine or the Green New Deal crowd? Look at Perry's liberal voting record and then look at the special interests that bought him. The latest is the casino cabal, and it cost them over $40,000 to buy Perry. Yeah, he is not cheap, but he is for sale to the highest bidder.

And actually Causey has a very strong record of helping consumers when they have a problem with insurance companies. The problem between Perry and Causey has to do with that crooked Blue Cross bill that Perry pushed and Causey vocally opposed. That bill royally screwed consumers to pander to a special interest that gave Perry money. And Perry was throwing consumers under the bus while Causey was standing up for their rights.
( September 22nd, 2023 @ 4:32 am )
This is so far off base it is hilarious to those of us who actually know anything about the General Assembly. Perry may not be a Causey fan, but that is likely more about Causey not being willing to help consumers. Causey has let disputes between providers and insurance companies drag on for years instead of stepping in to demand resolution. Perry has absolutely ZERO authority as a Finance Chair to move someone’s offices. You are a liar, plain and simple.

I looked up voter registration info and there is no John Steed registered to vote in Beaufort County. There is only one person with that last name registered in the entire county. You are nothing but a political hack. You are likely one of the people who fear him because you CAN’T buy him. It is no secret that Perry does not need money from special interests. It is also no secret that others in Raleigh are concerned about his fast rise in the Senate because of his outspoken nature and independent thought.
( September 20th, 2023 @ 9:09 pm )
Mike Causey is a great guy and a principled leader. Jim Perry is neither. Pay-to-Play Perry is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and to eastern North Carolina. Please, someone step up to take that turncoat turd out in the primary.

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