Globalist Nikki Haley wants to end internet privacy - WEF objective | Eastern North Carolina Now

and wants to reduce time for immigrants to become citizens and vote


Establishment Repubilcan Nikki Haley is showing her globalist ideology, pushing to end internet privacy and compel everyone on the internet to use their real names.  This is part of the globalist agenda pushed by the anti-privacy, anti-freedom, anti-private property totalitarian World Economic Forum (WEF) based in Davos, Switzerland.

Haley also recently said at a campaign event in New Hampshire that the amoint of time needed for a foreigner to wait before being naturalized as a US citizen should be reduced.  She added that she supports looking to big companies to say how much foreign labor they need and which ones should stay.

Nikki Haley is Joe Biden in a skirt.

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( November 19th, 2023 @ 8:26 am )
John Steed: The Granny Clampett doppelganger is the non patriot attorney general, who would be presently impeached if Democratic Socialists had any patriotic backbone.
( November 19th, 2023 @ 7:59 am )
The far left (Manchester) Guardian is the UK's most left wing newspaper. It is no surprise that they parrot the absurd claims of the partisan Democrat prosecutors.

Anyone who has ever been in the military knows that you do not leave your guns back at camp when you go out on patrol and only go back to get them if encounter hostile forces. The rioters knew there would be armed police at the Capitol and if they intended to use them for an "insurrection" they would have taken them with them. They did NOT.

There is a better case to be made that the Antifa / BLM riots in the summer of 2020, especially the sustained seige of the White House, was actually an insurrection. Pelosi is even on videotape encouraging it.

All of us probably know people who regularly carry guns, including when they travel. I know a couple of elected officials who do so. Being a type of militia group, it is not unusual that the Oathkeepers kept their guns with them when travelling. The fact that they left them to be looked after at the hotel in Virginia instead of taking them to the Capitol shows that there was no intent to use them in any way at the Capitol. While Virginia still respects the 2nd Amendment, the gun laws of DC are somewhere between the gun laws of Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Germany, and the fact that the Oathkeepers obeyed those very severe gun laws again shows that there was no intent at a "coup".

Even with its biases, the Guardian still has more residual journalistm than the propaganda media in the US like NBC. One does not get news in the MSM, they get propaganda from a partisan perspective, and polls show that a majority of Americans understand that.
( November 19th, 2023 @ 5:36 am )
Big Bob: NBC News is NOT journalism, but instead liars for your pathetic cause.

As someone in the news business, I refuse to lower myself, my readership to that wanton threshold.
Big Bob said:
( November 18th, 2023 @ 10:01 pm )

I will give you credit for calling them rioters, as opposed to tourists. Baby steps!
( November 18th, 2023 @ 5:37 pm )
There he goes again! Little Bobbie constantly misuses the word "true" to mean "consistent with the narrative of the American left". The two are not the same, and, indeed, often opposites. The issue here is whether there were any guns at the January 6 Capitol riot possessed by rioters, and the factual answer is NO.
( November 18th, 2023 @ 4:50 pm )
January 6th, 2021 was a cathartic event for the TDS Snowflakes, led by the ever corrupt, not-too-bright empty suit of an Attorney General, Merrick Garland.

The Granny Clampett doppelganger used, disrupted, and, on constant occasion, destroyed the lives of thousands of Americans, many of them solid patriots, just to provide political cover for the Idiot President; his boss providing pathetic redemption after the fool's well deserved Supreme Court snub.

NO, I have had a belly full of the Non Patriot Left; how they lie, how they cheat, and how they have become just so damned stupid, incredibly stupid, and it is showing up everywhere NOW, and wearing twice as thin.
Big Bob said:
( November 18th, 2023 @ 4:15 pm )
I figured you couldn’t do it. It’s ok. Is what it is. People can make up their own minds.
Do I think ever person who participated planned to commit criminal acts? No. But many did. And some brought guns. The rest of geniuses probably got caught up in the moment.
No too smart.
( November 18th, 2023 @ 2:32 pm )
Not a single gun was seized from the rioters on Capitol Hill. Not one. If there was an intent to overthrow the government, there would have been. There is not even any testimony of any of the rioters being armed during the riot.

If someone travels with a gun for protection, Virginia still has decent gun rights, but DC has draconian gun laws. Of course, they would leave their gun in Virginia and not violate DC's gun laws. This is just more evidence that this was not an "insurrection" because if it was those guns would not have been left in Virginia, but taken to the Capitol. They weren't.

You continue to fail to show any evidence of anyone being armed at the Capitol riot.
Big Bob said:
( November 18th, 2023 @ 12:51 pm )
a 3 second search:
I await your apologies
( November 18th, 2023 @ 11:21 am )
RH: There truly should be an investigation into January 6th, and this time use the video; call real witnesses; and allow the truth to be present within those chambers.
( November 18th, 2023 @ 10:51 am )
Denial is not a river in Egypt, Bullshot Bob. You are clearly in denial of the recent polls on the 2024 presidential race. If any of the Capitol rioters were armed, please provide a link with that info. I am calling you out on your BULL on that. All of the accounts I have seen say otherwise. Show me a link that shows capitol rioters were armed. I dare you, liar.
Big Bob said:
( November 18th, 2023 @ 9:25 am )
RH- none of that is true.
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