Democrats remove 10 GOP state senators from 2024 ballot in Oregon | Eastern North Carolina Now

this is what Third World dictators do; Trump is not the only target


Removing opponents from the ballot and not letting them run is a common tactic of dictators.  Putin has done it repeatedly in Russia, as well as jailing his political opponents.  Venezuela just did it to the leading opposition candidate for president.  The Democrats are attacking the very fundamentals of democracy by doing it here in our country.  They have been trying to do it around the country to the likely GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.  Now they have just done it to ten incumbent Republican state senators in Oregon.

The Democrat state supreme court has just upheld the Democrat Secretary of State's removal of ten Republican state senators, including the Minority Leader, who had filed for reelection, from the 2024 election ballot.  This represents one third of the total members of the state senate.  It is unclear if Republicans will be able to nominate replacement candidates.

The excuse for the removal was that the ten senators boycotted the legislature to stop passage of several radical far-left bills, and their boycott led to those bills being reworked where they were more reasonable.  The removal violates the state Constitution, but the Democrats on the supreme court gave legal priority to so-called Measure 113 that purports to allow the Secretary of State to go around the state Constitution.

The party that is the threat to democracy in our country is clearly the Democrat Party.  They use authoritarian tactics of the world's dictators against their political enemies.

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( February 2nd, 2024 @ 9:39 pm )
Been burped yet Little Bobbie? Let me bring you a pacifer. Don't want you to pitch a tantrum.
Big Bob said:
( February 2nd, 2024 @ 6:09 pm )
hey buddy, calm down and let me bring you a juice box...
( February 2nd, 2024 @ 5:40 pm )
There is something called the Constitution that in a Constitutional republic is supposed to be the supreme law, and anything inconsistent with it like this voter initiative sponsored by the Democrats are supposed to be thrown out by the courts. But when you have partisan Democrat hacks as judges, the rule of law does not seem to apply and they do what they think best for them politically.

Also, being Oregon, I suspect few of the ousted senators were populists ("MAGA") Republicans.

The rule of law is deteriorating in America due to corrupt partisan courts and prosecutors. All of those counties would be a heck of a lot better off joining Idaho as they want.

Partisan courts - where democracy goes to die.
Big Bob said:
( February 2nd, 2024 @ 4:53 pm )
the voters of that state disagree and it held up in court. Thats how it works.
Court - where MAGA goes to die
( February 2nd, 2024 @ 2:19 pm )
Boycots of legislative sessions to get concessions is a legislative tactic used around the world, and has been used in America mostly by Democrats. In Oregon, when it was used by Repubilcans, the Democrats got this ballot measure passed which was contrary to the Constitution to try to prevent use of this legislative tactic.

The political hacks on the all-Democrat state Supreme Court ignored their own state Constitution to uphold a measure that clearly contradicted it. Seems like the usual Democrat twisting of Constitutions. Hopefully all those counties which want to join Idaho will be able to get out of the tyrannical socialist mousetreap called Oregon.
Big Bob said:
( February 2nd, 2024 @ 1:08 pm )
Actually what happened was that the citizens passed a ballot measure stating any legislator, of either party, with 10 or more unexcused absences from work would be fired, by not being allowed to run for re-election. The measure passed and the court upheld it. Seems fair. If I skip work for 10 days, I would be fired. So would you.

If you got a job, show up. Or suffer the consequences.
( February 2nd, 2024 @ 9:48 am )
The Peoples Republic of Oregon is one of the role models for all "blue" states. This is a blatant assault on democracy and free elections, but that is nothing new for Democrats. This tyrannical move by the Democrats will probably help intensify the Greater Idaho Movement which seeks to move central and eastern Oregon counties, geographically about two thirds of the state, to leave Oregon and join Idaho. Resolutions in favor of this realignment have already passed most of the counties involved.

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