Texas AG threatens legal action against schools that use Biden Title IX rewrite | Eastern North Carolina Now

will enforce Title IX as adopted by Congress


Texas Attotney General Ken Paxton was the first AG to obtain a court order blocking Biden's attempt to by executive fiat rewrite Title IX of the 1972 Civil Rights Act in his state.  Now, Paxton has notified school systems that his office will enforce the original version of TItle IX as adopted by Congress by suring any local systems that attempt to implement the Biden rewrite.

The original Title IX was adopted by Congress to protection education programs for women, and has had a particular impact in women's sports.  The Biden regime has attempted to rewrite and repurpose it without Congressional approval so that it is turned on its head and protects "gender identity" and "sexual orientation" instead of women.  Biden's version is, in effect a threat to women as it could force schools to let boys on girls athletic teams and boys in girls restrooms and locker rooms.

So far 26 states have filed lawsuits to block the Biden rewrite in their states, and the ten that have so far had prelimiinary injunction hearings held have all had courts block this woke nonsense in their states.  Thanks to its ultra-leftwing Attorney General Josh Stein, North Carolina has NOT filed such a lawsuit and our own schools are therefore vulnerable.


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Victoria said:
( June 23rd, 2024 @ 10:20 am )
The big question here is: What is the Beaufort County School Board doing to stop this woke nonsense in our schools? Anything? Or do they just plan to knuckle under to Biden's woke radicalism?

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