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Carolina Panthers Daily Updates: 2/21/20

Panthers Quarterback Will Grierís Rookie Year Didnít Go as Expected. What Did He Learn? | Alaina Getzenberg/The Charlotte Observer

    The Panthers future at quarterback is still being determined. They may look to free agency, the draft or keep things exactly the way they are.

Veteran Departures Continue | Brandon Scott/Cat Crave

    Like it or not, the Carolina Panthers are making significant changes under David Tepper. While the relatively new owner has been reconstructing Carolina behind the scenes since taking over prior to the 2018 season, football operations remained largely in tact until this past December.

Carolina Panthers 7-Round NFL Mock Draft 1.0: Prioritizing Defense Entering Combine | Alaina Getzenberg/The Charlotte Observer

    Among the biggest challenges the Panthers have entering the NFL draft and next weekís scouting combine is how they many areas they have to address this offseason.


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