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Flooding Potential This Weekend

Press Release:

    General windy conditions will continue through the weekend as the remnants of Tropical Storm Sally moves away from our area. North winds will increase throughout the afternoon becoming sustained between 12 and 16 mph, with gust of 18 to 20mph. These conditions are expected to continue through the daytime hours of Tuesday. Sustained winds, along with high astronomical tides have prompted the National Weather Service (NWS) to include parts of the inland Pamlico and Pungo Rivers in their latest briefing. Areas east of Bath and Blounts Creek that are prone to these conditions could experience 1 to 3 feet of inundation between Saturday and Tuesday.

    Otherwise the forecast remains the same. This is expected to be a long duration coastal flood event with impacts Oceanside north of Hatteras and sound side along the Neuse River, Pamlico River, Pungo River, southern Pamlico sound, Ocracoke Island, and Core Banks. Please keep in mind that all parameters going into this weekend are HIGHER than this past week including larger waves, higher winds (over a long duration), and a higher astronomical tide.

    Impacts will continue through the weekend. Rip Currents remain high for all beaches today.

    You can view additional details about the potential floods HERE.

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