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Free speech platform Gab traffic up 753% in 24 hours

Free speech platform Gab traffic up 753% in 24 hours
Free speech social media site Gab reports a 753% increase in traffic in the 24 hours since President Trump was banned from Twitter, with tens of millions of hits. Gab is bringing ten new servers online to handle the increased traffic.  Gab had a previous bout with Big Tech trying to shut them down, and protected themselves by purchasing their own servers instead of leasing space from others. 
 The other major free speech social media site Parler just got shut down by the totalitarian thugs at Amazon as Amazon cancelled Parler's contract for server space with virtually no notice.  That comes after Google and Apple quit selling the Parler app on their app stores on a short notice demanding that Parler start politically censoring their site.
When Apple and Google banned Gab's smart phone apps, Gab responded by developing its own smart phone, the GabPhone which is expected to be rolled out soon.  It is essentially the Android phone minus everything and anything Google.  When some browsers also interfered with free speech, Gab developed its own browser called Dissenter.


( January 13th, 2021 @ 9:59 am )
Gab was also down for much of day yesterday; probably because of their new users overwhelming their system.

There will be growing pains for systems that allow a Social platform. At some point, it may happen here, but we are not even close ... yet.
( January 11th, 2021 @ 9:50 pm )
Gab is now adding a million new users a day.
( January 11th, 2021 @ 7:57 am )
Conservatives need to abandon all the bad actors in this censorship conspiracy - Amason, Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook. What we are seeing is the fascist playbook, with elite businesses joining the political actors in shutting down free speech, rather than the communist playbook or government taking it over. Do your online buying from someone other than totalitarian Amagzon. Never "google" anything again. INstead "search" with an honest search engine like DuckDuckGo, Start migrating your social secmida contacts to Gab. The best way is to post both to Fakebook and Gab for a while, urge your contacts to use Gab primarily, and then finally cut the cord completely with Fakebook. Ditto with Twitter. Big Tech has joined the far left in declaring war on free speech and we do not need to sit idly by.

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