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Football great Herschel Walker is mulling a US Senate race in Georgia.  He has already been urged to run by President Trump, and even leads the liberal Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock in the polling before he even announces.  Herschel Walker is a black conservative Republican and would be a great addition to the US Senate, and his election would make it more difficult for Democrats to try to play the race card.

But that does not sit well with the RINO Senate leader Mitch McConnell.  The British press is reporting that McConnell is seeking a primary opponent to Walker.  This is the same McConnell who has sold out to Biden on the fake "infrastructure" bill that would see the GOP grabbing part of the Democrats' inflation tarbaby as well as containing lots of left wing policy.

Instead of a guy who is leading in the polls, McConnell is pushing losers who have already lost Georgia Senate seats for the GOP.

McConnell seems to have a problem with black conservatives running for the US Senate.  In 2016, black conservative county commissioner Darryl Glenn was the only candidate to qualify for the Colorado US Senate primary from GOP state convention support.  The grassroots was solid for him.  McConnell tapped a state Senator to oppose Glenn.  McConnell's candidate had to get on the primary ballot by petition because convention delegates wanted no part of him.  In the primary, Glenn won in a landslide while McConnell's candidate ran an embarrassing fourth place.  McConnell got in a snit and publicly refused to back Glenn, damaging his candidacy.  In November the Democrat won the seat with less than 50% of the vote.

McConnell is a corrupt worm who needs to be ousted from his perch as GOP Senate leader.  One could also make the case that he is a racist.  North Carolina needs to beware as he will probably be monkeying around in our primary, too.

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( August 11th, 2021 @ 9:49 pm )
People ask me all the time, what's wrong with the Republicans? Explaining the outright treachery that is commonplace within the party at all levels is getting tiresome.

Considering Mitch McConnell: He is a corrupt snake that has betrayed fellow Republicans (as well as the country) repeatedly. I won't bother to write that book now.

His most recent election campaign was on life support until he begged for help from Trump. Trump helped him and he survived in Kentucky because of Trump's support. McConnell gets to survive and immediately goes back to his low life dealings (including betraying Trump) with another six year term cushion to fall back on.

Republicans shouldn't settle for this kind of leadership (at all levels) that is no better than the Democrat serpents in leadership. Look what the senate RINOs have done with the trillion dollar (bi-partisan) infrastructure bill monstrosity. Our country can't survive much more of this.

I have lot's of friends that used to be active Republicans. Many are disillusioned because of the betrayals and corruption. Periodically they ask me if anything is improving. I'm tired of having little good to report.
( August 10th, 2021 @ 8:26 pm )
What we really need to watch is what "China Mitch" McConnell does in our US Senate primary here in NC. He likes to put his grubby corrupt fingers in everything. His candidate will not be Ted Budd for the same reason McConnell opposed Mo Brooks in Alabama - Budd like Brooks is a staunch conservative member of the House Freedom Caucus. McConnell a few election cycles ago even denounced conservatives within the GOP and vowed "to crush them everywhere". The question is whether he will end up backing McCrory or Walker. McCrory is the most liberal candidate in the race and is endorsed by McConnell's buddy Richard "Tricky Dick" Burr, so he is the most likely. However, Walker has been a knee jerk ally of the RINO House leadership his whole tenure in the House, and has been endorsed by the House's king RINO, former Speaker Paul Ryan. So it could go either way. As to Alabama, Mo Brooks is running again, this time for an open Senate seat, and he is the front runner in spite of China Mitch.
( August 10th, 2021 @ 6:23 pm )
What Mitch McConnell did in the Alabama special election for US Senate in 2017 is more evidence of why he needs to be put out to pasture as GOP leader. There were three major GOP primary candidates, Luther Strange, who had been Attorney General, who was appointed Senator by the scandal tainted Gov. Robert Bentley; conservative Congressman Mo Brooks, a member of the House Freedom Caucus; and Christian conservative former State Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. Strange was the establishment candidate and Mitch McConnell's choice. Strange's appointment was tainted by scandal because as AG, he had backed off on an investigation of Bentley's scandals, and Bentley rewarded him with the Senate appointment. In the polling, Brooks started in third place, but as he got better known in other congressional districts his numbers kept rising while those of Moore, and especially Strange kept going down. It was clear that the trendlines showed that the runoff would be between Moore and Brooks, with the Strange voters heavily favoring Brooks over Moore in a runoff, which should have made Brooks the nominee. McConnell had other plans. He deployed millions of dollars of national GOP money in an ad campaign viciously attacking Mo Brooks, stalling Brooks in third place. In the runoff, angry Brooks voters swarmed to support Moore who won the runoff. Thanks to poor handling of a media driven smear campaign and McConnell's refusal to support Moore, Democrat Doug Jones narrowly won the seat. Mo Brooks, on the other hand would have been a slam dunk to win the seat for the GOP. McConnell's meddling was what was responsible for Moore being the nominee, and he got in a snit and helped the Democrats win the seat over Moore when his guy lost the primary. What did McConnell expect Brooks voters to do after McConnell's meddling with attack ads against Brooks? They were highly motivated to oppose McConnell's guy in the runoff, and that is exactly what they did.
( August 9th, 2021 @ 7:25 am )
Take a look at McConnel's wife and her close connection to Chinese shipping. McConnell is a worm. Remember what he did to the Alabama Senate seat. He needs to go.

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