Authoritarianism Anyone?? | Beaufort County Now | Many people may think that there is nothing to fear because the next election will produce a change of government to apply the brakes to this runaway train. I hope you are right but I would not place all my faith on one outcome because that might not be the result you get.

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The information that follows is a reprint of a Letter to the Editor that I posted in the Editorial Section of the Daily Advance Newspaper. There are references to an article that was printed in this paper which was authored by a columnist by the name of Rachel Marsden. She is a resident of Paris and her website states that her articles are provided to publications on request and that her work is Copyright protected.

I suggest that if you want to read her entire article, which I urge you to do, please Google search her name Rachel Marsden. On her home page click on the tab articles. I think this one about Canada is the 2nd one on this list. It is well worth the effort for what is coming down the pike toward us in the USA which trails behind Canada very slightly.

I have made reference to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and his authoritarianist ways on several occasions. He and Klaus Schwab, Chairman of the World Economic Forum, share the same views about the Great Reset and the transformation of the World Economy along with numerous other Globalists Elites. I have written about this in letters to the editor as well as my podcast which has a wide audience. But despite my efforts, people seem to be ambivalent about the future of our society which is changing right in front of our eyes. One day we will wake up and we won't recognize our country. Why? Because the forces that are working for this are marching steadily forward and doing it so slowly that we don't see it coming until it is too late. The Fabian Socialists used the Tortoise to symbolize their efforts because everyone could see it coming but because it was so slow it was not realized as making forward progress until you wake up and it is nose to nose with you. We are about to face the same conclusion.

With this in mind, I was glad to read the article in the Wednesday edition of this paper authored by Rachel Marsden. She nails what is happening to the people of Canada and fears that they will not wake up in time to vote against reelecting the Trudeau government. She makes reference to the Covid-19 virus as the trigger mechanism which will usher in this change of Government. Unfortunately, her article was already written by the time Trudeau made the statement that they learned so much by the virus that they now know how to use what they learned on other issues of all types.

Our Government keeps insisting that we take the jab or that we will lose certain freedoms. In some countries such as Australia, people are prohibited from traveling more than 1 mile from their homes under penalty of arrest, and more. In Ms. Marsden's article she refers to the Vaccine passport and digital currency.

In short, if you want government to direct your lives permanently then you are well on your way. If you love the country you have been born into and love the freedoms that you have had throughout your life, then get up off the sofa and fight back.

Many people may think that there is nothing to fear because the next election will produce a change of government to apply the brakes to this runaway train. I hope you are right but I would not place all my faith on one outcome because that might not be the result you get.

There are numerous Financial Reporters in this country who regularly attend the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. These reporters must know about the plans of this organization to fundamentally change our country, in the words of Barack Obama. But none of these reporters say anything to the American public about their plans and beliefs. Fox News for example has a whole division of financial journalists such as Neil Cavuto who dutifully attend but when they get home, they talk about all that was learned at the Conference, except the Great Reset.

I was watching News Max and heard Eric Bolling speak passingly about this but not in any detail. To say that he left out a lot of dots for others to connect would be putting it mildly. It is left to small time reporters like me to help you know what is happening to your country. I task I am devoted to accomplish. Please forward this to everyone you know.

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