Ultra-partisan FDA still battling DeSantis' Florida to deny Covid care | Beaufort County Now | revoke emergency use of monoclonal antibodies with no basis for doing so but politics

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The politics of Covid have been sickening, as political power plays, pandering to Big Pharma, and the like have been the theme from governmental bodies like the CDC, NIH, and FDA, as well as corporate medicine.  The well being of patients takes a distinct back seat.

Nowhere has this played out more than in Florida, where Governor DeSantis and his health team have defied the powers that be and their disastrous protocols by setting up early intervention clinics to actually treat Covid patients in the early stages of the disease when it responds better to treatment.  The result has been Florida having the best Covid numbers in the country.  That, however, infuriates those who want it done their way regardless of the consequences.  Now the politically corrupt FDA has just thrown Florida another curve ball to disrupt its success.

When Florida started its early intervention clinics, it relied on the monoclonal antibody Regeneron for its early treatments, but Biden took control of the supply of Regeneron in September and greatly reduced Florida's supply, a deliberate politically based move. Governor DeSantis, however, moved quickly with two new monoclonal antibodies just coming on the market and locked in state contracts that Biden couldn't touch, to assure an adequate supply.

Now a cynical politically driven FDA has arbitrarily removed the "emergency use authorization" for both of Florida's monoclonal antibodies, offered no clinical data whatsoever to justify their action.



America has a thoroughly corrupt medical establishment including Fauci, the CDC, the FDA, the NIH, etc. that cares more about politics, their Big Pharma buddies, and the own power than they do about the wellbeing of Americans.  This corrupt medical establishment needs to be torn down to its roots at the earliest opportunity and rebuilt in an honest and non-political structure.  Another challenge is that at the local level, medical delivery has been largely taken over by corporate medicine from the previous networks of independent doctors, and rigid self-serving protocols by corporate medicine like Vidant and others like them have also been a huge part of the problem.  Hospital protocols often prohibit early intervention treatment and prohibit doctors who work for them from providing it to patients.  This is very self serving because in the end it puts more money in hospital pockets when those patients fail to recover in the early stages due to lack of early intervention care. They end up in the hospital and add to the hospitals profits whether they live or die.  For those who are put on ventilators, the recovery rate is only about 10%.

Government health care is awful but corporate medicine can be just as bad.

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( January 25th, 2022 @ 3:57 pm )
The actions of Biden's crooked FDA on monoclonal antibodies will also deny these life saving drugs to Americans across the country. Heads need to roll.

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