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Carolina Panthers Daily Updates: 1/14/19

Coughlin Advising Matt Rhule With Panthers Transition | Nick Shook/

    Tom Coughlin is advising Rhule as he transitions into his new role as head coach of the Carolina Panthers, NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported. Rhule has an established relationship with Coughlin, having worked under him for one season in New York with the Giants.

How Panthers Coach Matt Rhule Became 'One of Us' and Learned to See Beauty in People | Andrew Carter/The Charlotte Observer

    The people closest to Rhule say the only thing he ever wanted to do was become a football coach. They don't say it in a figurative way, as if to mean Rhule arrived at the goal in high school or college. They mean it in a literal way, and insist that Rhule aspired to become a football coach from the time he was a small child.

These Panthers Players Are Pending Free Agents for 2020 | Time Weaver/PantherWire

    The Carolina Panthers have a ton of personnel decisions to make this offseason. In addition to filling out Matt Rhule's new coaching staff, the team has to decide what to do with over a dozen pending free agents.


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