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He accused the Chinese of taking financial advantage of the global virus crisis. lifezette, white house advisor, peter navarro, china, profiteering, financial advantage, april 20, 2020
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

White House Advisor Peter Navarro Nails China on Profiteering

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by Polizette Staff.

    White House top aide Peter Navarro told Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business that the Chinese were lying about their role in the virus and trying to make an unethical profit from it.

    Navarro commented, "First of all, the virus was spawned in China. Second of all, they hid the virus behind the shield of theWorld Health Organization. The third thing they did was basically hoard personal protective equipment and now they're profiteering from it."

    He continued, "more importantly, we know that for a critical six-week period of time, China used its influence at the World Health Organization to hide the virus from the world. This was a time where that virus could have been contained in Wuhan; instead, 5 million Chinese people went out from Wuhan and propagated the virus around the world."

    He got to the crux of his attack on the communist Chinese, "During that period of time China went from a net exporter of personal protective equipment, they are the largest producer of that in the world, to a large net importer. They basically went around and vacuumed up virtually all of the PPE around the world, including a lot from this country, which was for humanitarian reasons sharing our PPE with them, and what that did was leave people in New York, Milan, and everywhere in-between defenseless when it came time to have that PPE."

    Navarro concluded, "Now what's happening today, which is equally alarming, is China is sitting on that hoard of PPE where it cornered the market and is profiteering. I have cases that are coming across my desk where $0.50 masks made in China are being sold to hospitals here in America for as much as $8."

    That kind of markup bespeaks a Chinese regime who only sees this worldwide pandemic as an opportunity for large profits. It seems the self-proclaimed socialists have embraced wild west capitalism, with a vengeance.


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