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For all of you who care about the truth, the reality of history, the core who we are as a Republic, we are in dire trouble right now. Elitists, Mainstream Media, Fake News, Democratic Socialist Media, free republic, truth, essential truth, Mark Zuckerberg
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Search for the Essential Truth to Save Our Republic

    For all of you who care deeply for the human antiseptic of real truth, the reality of history, the core of who we are as a Republic, we are currently in dire straights.

    Elitists, who often pass as community leaders, are usually wholly misinformed (due to a inbred skewed perspective), or worse, care only for the benefit of themselves, and how they can use this crisis to further then own status.

    The former Mainstream Media, now realized as the Fake News or the Democratic Socialist Media, is completely devoid of any journalistic integrity or real purpose to exist within a free republic, where an ongoing need for the essential truth matters. Concurrently, the political stooges that operate at their behest (or is it the other-way-around?) - the Democratic Socialist fools they champion to govern us - likewise have no human integrity, and like Hyenas and jackals feeding upon the ripped carcass of the American Public, are a stain upon the stage of the unyielding consequences of governing wisely, or in constant self-interest.

    Because of these collective fools' power, preying upon the good and creative of our people, these are tremulous times, where misinformation is as prevalent as absolute, essential truth, and one should best stay informed; yearn for greater wisdom, and know what is real, the essential truth, regardless of all preconceptions.

    And one more thing: Try to cleave yourself from Facebook, where fools clamor to be "Liked" and spend your time in a more purposeful manner. There, like the traps to waste your time within most all social media, you will learn little, except to mistrust what utters from the mouths of the multitudes, where many - like their media and their political representatives - are complete fools.

    Come to, and use if you desire a very different and fairly complete perspective, where one can read, question and then react. We will not censor your comments, irrespective of your positions on all issues, even issues that my make some of us most uncomfortable.

    Mark Zuckerberg is well proved that he will ply the Democratic Socialists' tool of first resort - censorship. We pledge that we will not.


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