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    Last year, the Golden LEAF Board of Directors embarked on a long-term strategic planning process. At the February 2021 Board meeting, the Board adopted a strategic plan that will launch July 1, 2021.

Board Awards $2m in Funding at February Golden LEAF Board Meeting

    At the February 2021 Board meeting, the Golden LEAF Board of Directors awarded funds for workforce training and infrastructure projects to support economic growth in rural areas of the state.

Golden LEAF Kicks off Community-Based Grants Initiative in the Western Prosperity Zone

    For 2021-2022, Golden LEAF has invited organizations working in the Western Prosperity Zone to participate in the $11 million Community-Based Grants Initiative. Registration is open for the kick-off webinar to be held February 17 from 1-4pm.

March 1 Deadline Fast Approaching for Four-Year Golden LEAF Scholarship Applications

    A total of 215 awards will be offered to high school seniors and community college transfer students worth $12,000 over four years ($3,000 per year for up to four years) to attend North Carolina colleges and universities.
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These three videos by the Piano Guys well reflect their inspiration toward these most special season of gift and hope and community best wishes.
Restaurateur’s Jacob and Tandi Wilson, well known for their multiple Uptown businesses, teamed up with longtime Christy’s Euro Pub Sous Chef Kevin Kayes to open Side Bar, a Tex-Mex fusion restaurant located at 707 Dickinson Avenue.
It's must be Christmas fore the rich aroma of cut Fir fills the air, with ornaments, from the Deatherage household, hanging from its short, but subtle branches The first wave of these ornaments are up, and we await the arrival of my youngest daughter from college to put up the balance.
Work to begin on first phase of Intersect East
Walk Off the Earth has a new Christmas video, and short of accusing this extremely talented ensemble of being racist in this overly Politically Correct (PC) America, their rendition of "Feliz Navidad", a song made famous by Freddy Fender in 1977, is funny and definitely "in the Christmas spirit".
Carrie Underwood has been a Country Music enigma since winning American Idol back in 2005. Carrie is the Country Music personification of Merle Haggard's 'Okie from Muskogee,' being a native of that iconic locale.
ECU office helps researchers bring their ideas to market
This rendition of "Fairytale of New York" rivals the original, and once again puts Walk Off the Earth as one of the great cover bands of all time.
David Bowie and Bing Crosby teamed up for the most unusual pairing of the most unnatural crooners in the history of all duets, and, remarkably, were a tremendous success in their rendition of "Little Drummer Boy", with a hastily written back melody "Peace on Earth." This rare pairing occurred in 1


Parasite hijacks mud crabs’ reproduction, behavior
Former Hootie and the Blowfish front man, Darius Rucker, partakes of the Christmas spirit in a manner that perfectly demonstrates his estimable talent.
These three videos by the Piano Guys well reflect their inspiration toward these most special season of gift and hope and community best wishes.
Inaugural Copeland Fellows announced at annual Business Leadership Conference
I have long felt that Greg Lake / Pete Sinfield 's "I believe in Father Christmas" is one of the more creative modern Christmas songs created in my lifetime. I have never been a huge fan of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, but I am a big fan of Greg Lake's ode to the British Santa.
ECU marks 20th anniversary of terrorist attacks
In this most eclectic mix-bag of videos, we stay in the holiday spirit, as we move ever closer to Christmas Day.
The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is one of those niche European groups that incorporate the older classical melodies with the subtle twist of their unique, and very present now to create a memorable musical moment.


College of Nursing dedicates IT suite in memory of beloved staff member
Now that I am familiar with the wondrous works of melodic beauty created by the Piano Guys, each Christmas, I search for fine work and endeavor to bring it to our BCN readers.
Jewel Kilcher is probably the single most talented performer / songwriter, in terms of ballads, in the last 20 years.
An East Carolina University alumna was a finalist in the 2021 Platinum PR Awards presented Nov. 16.
There is a firm chill in the air and the wind howls, so, I think: What would this frigid day be like for "The Snowman."
My Christmas, 2016 discovery of new Piano Guys holiday material is complete, and I have them here on BCN for your Yule Tide enjoyment.
A mash-up of ’80s pop-punk and Elizabethan style comes together in “Head Over Heels,” a musical opening Wednesday at East Carolina University.
This may seem unreal for this 1960's /70's rocker, but, I enjoy classical music, and on most occasions, the ballet.
Greenpeace's vision of Father Christmas is a shabbily dressed Kris Kringle, who appears to be appropriately 'down on his luck', and at his 'wits end' relative to his immediate climate - it is too warm where he lives - the North Pole.


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