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Ten people were killed at a Colorado grocery store by a Syrian immigrant, and Democrats are demanding gun control, when they ought to be looking at immigration control.  Liberals had launched into a tirade about "white supremacy" before the fact that the perp was a Muslim arab was belatedly announced.  The gunman had come into the country as a child with his family after Obama had opened the refugee door wide for Syrians.  All of the victims were white, so the real racial question is did the perp target whites?
The New York Times has reported that the FBI had been watching the perp along with another individual, but failed to state what they were watching them for.  Common sense tells you it was likely terrorism related, especially after the perp committed a terrorist attack.  Why is the FBI so often a day late and a collar short on these terrorists?
The site selected for the attack was, as usual, a gun free zone.  These mass shooters are cowards who do not want to carry out their attacks where others might be armed to shoot back.  If there had been some concealed carry permit holders present, the body count would have likely been a lot less.
What is also telling is that Colorado has universal background checks for gun purchases, so the Democrat clamor for that is pure nonsense.

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( March 25th, 2021 @ 1:33 pm )
The MSM is playing their usual coverup game to control the narrative on this terror incident for their own political purposes. First it was withholding the identity of the shooter for a grossly unreasonable period of time to let gun control and white supremacy memes flourish. Now they are withholding the contents of the shooters social media posts. Those are being reported on talk radio, but they are hard to find in the MSM. It turns out that the shooter posted about his allegiance to ISIS, his hatred of Trump, his hatred of white people who he considered anti-Islam, lots of Muslim religious fervor, and his desire to kill people. All of his victims were white. What does that tell you about his motives? America needs immigration control, not gun control, but the Democrats want to let lots of others like this despicable terrorist shooter into our country with no real vetting.
( March 25th, 2021 @ 12:09 pm )
Obama brought in lots of Arabs from Syria. Trump put a stop to it. Now Biden is bringing them in again. When Muslim terrorist groups have boasted about using the refugee stream to send terrorists into the west, this is stupid and it is suicidal. It is also not just those who arrive with terror in mind, but the fact that experience has shown that the first generation growing up in the west is even more prone to jihad than their parents. NC Dems are also at fault. Roy Cooper has asked the federal government to send refugees including Muslims from terror prone countries to North Carolina.

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