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Italians are enraged at their government requiring a vaccine passport to work in any job, which came into effect today and are responding by mass protests around the country.  In a number of cities, angry citizens blocked airports, ports and train stations, and large crowds demonstrated in many others.  Strikes are also erupting, as well as large scale "sick-outs".  Protesters chanted "Freedom" and "No Green Pass" (the name of the vaccine passport, as well as slurs on the Draghi caretaker government which imposed it.

Italians will elect a new parliament next year, and its staunch opposition to the Green Pass has powered the ultra-conservative Brothers of Italy to a tie in the polls for first place with the populist nationalist anti-immigration League.  The Brothers of Italy are the only party that refused to accept Draghi's invitation to join the caretaker government.

The photo below shows striking port workers opposed to the Green Pass blocking the Italian port at Trieste:


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