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Carolina Panthers Daily Updates: 1/28/19

DT Derrick Brown Projected by Mel Kiper Mock Draft | Brandon Scott/Cat Crave

    The Carolina Panthers have a number of needs to address within their current roster. While many may be addressed during the free agent signing period prior to the NFL Draft, with multiple areas in need of improvement, the focus for a first-round pick remains extremely questionable.

Former Gamecock Javon Kinlaw Was Homeless and Now the NFL Is Within Reach | Max Henson/

    A lot of NFL draft prospects talk about adversity they've overcome. A lot of them have incredible underdog narratives. Javon Kinlaw's story stops you in your tracks.

Should the Panthers Tank for Trevor Lawrence? | Vincent Frank/Yard Barker

    It might seem a bit ridiculous on the surface. Give up on an entire season to target a quarterback in the draft one year later. But there’s certainly something to this. We will lay it out below.


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