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Pelosi was the one who called for insurrection

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was the one who called for an insurrection, not President Trump. While Trump specifically called for a "peaceful" protest against election fraud, Pelosi as Speaker has twice specifically called for an "uprising".  The latter, not the former is a call for insurrection.
Immediately after the George Floyd death, Pelosi held a press conference in which she said, "I do not know why there are not uprisings all over the country.  Perhaps there will be".  That was a call for insurrection, and soon after Pelosi's call for "uprisings all over the country" those uprisings started and did billions of dollars in damage while killing over 40 people.  She should be held responsible for her outrageous incitement to riot.
Earlier, Pelosi had called for "uprisings" against Trump administration policies to defend the border against illegal alien incursion.  Fortunately, on that occasion, no one took Pelosi up on her incitement to riot.
Maybe the Congress ought to be voting to remove Pelosi from the Speaker's chair.
The left wants one set of rules for themselves and a far different set for everyone else.

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