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Veto threat to stop EU's green new deal

The European Union has just announced a radical new climate initiative that would transform its economy and its citizens lifestyles, much like the Democrats Green New Deal in the US, but it has already seen major pushback.  This is one of those major issues that require unanimous consent, and can be stopped by a veto of any one country. Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban was quick to announce a veto threat to the proposal.

Orban's government noted that Hungary had worked hard to reduce utility costs to its citizens and this measure would send them spiraling upward.  The middle class, working class, and poor would be hit the hardest.

In the UK, no longer part of the EU, the government is also getting pushback from its own MP's on a green new deal proposal.  Prime Minister Boris Johnson's veering left on climate issues is ascribed to the influence of his long time mistress whom he recently married, globalist Carrie Simonds, a climate alarmist activist nicknamed "Princess Nut-Nut".  Crag Mackinlay, Member of Parliament for South Thanet, recently published an article in Conservative Home pointing out the huge adverse impact on real people from Johnson's proposal that would do enormous political damage to the Conservative Party.


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