Frankie Waters and Dawn Slann say they will do power deals with Dems | Beaufort County Now | admit they will betray Republican voters

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The national GOP has its Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney.  Here in Beaufort County GOP politics, we have the same breed of cat in Commissioner Frankie Waters and Commission candidate Dawn Slann.  Both acknowleged at the Beaufort County Republican candidate forum that they intended to do a deal with Democrats to set up a ruling majority on the county commission.

Frankie Waters was very shrill in making vicious and false smears against all of the three conservative Republican county commissioners.  He admitted that he had cut a deal with the two very left wing Democrats on the commission to seek personal power for himself as chairman, trading off the vice chairmanship to far left Jerry Langley for the Democrat votes.  He refused to even talk to the three conservative Republican commissioners to seek their support for the chairmanship, only with Langley..

Dawn Slann followed by echoing Waters comments, although without the shrill personal attacks on opponents and not couching her position on personal power.

Commissioner Stan Deatherage and candidate Tandy Dunn both said categorically that they would vote for Republicans only for the leadership positions on the commission.  Since both Democrats are far to the left, voting for a Democrat is doing a deal with the devil.

Waters was a Democrat until just a few months before he filed for commissioner, and even after filing, he and his wife contributed to Democrat candidates.  Throughout his tenure on the commission, Waters has done backroom deals with the Democrats to thwart having a functional Republican majority on the commission.  Frankie Waters is still functionally a Democrat and it looks like Slann is of the same ilk.


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( April 29th, 2022 @ 9:50 am )
It's funny that you mention Czar Nikolai II and Rasputin. Myself and Dr. Michael Karachun were actually talking about this about a month ago as his family worked for The Good Czar. Sadly, many of them were executed but some where able to escape and strategically maneuver to the US.

"Pops" always says that the Czar's only downfall was that he was too nice. Had the Czar acted on his engrained instinct, Rasputin would've been aced early on due to the fact that he couldn't be trusted. Machiavelli tells us what happens to "nice guys". Sadly, the Czar proved Machiavelli's point.

Taking Rasputin out would have made it that much harder for Rothschild to get to the Czar and stop the gold-backed ruble from killing the Rothschild fiat money flow.

The Czar should've listened to Sun Tzu. Uncle Genghis had red hair👌😎

Also; Buzzeo, Kidwell and Varcoe would be quick to label me as a "QAnon Led Zeppelin Conspiracy Theorist" because they have fear. I'm seeing a pattern here as well. Think "mirror".
( April 28th, 2022 @ 6:10 pm )
Cratch, Your "reality" is pure fantasy, and oddly happens to be the exact same fantasy as Buzzeo, Varco, and Waters have been spouting. Calling someone who is in the minority and consequently has no control "Emporer" is not anywhere close to reality. If Beaufort County has an Emporer, it is Frankie Waters, but the real power behind the throne belongs to Jerry Langley. It is a relationship sort of like Nicholas II and Rasputin. You really want Beaufort County to continue down that path?

I have mixed feelings in the sheriff's race, but that for county commission is very clear cut between the conservative / MAGA candidates on one side and the Democrat / leftie collaborators on the other. I have seen the term "Vichy Republican" used for the likes of Waters and Slann on some national conservative boards. Using another WWII analogy, they can also be called quislings.
( April 28th, 2022 @ 6:02 pm )
Concerned Taxpayer,

One final question before I go to work:
Do you recognize President Trump as the current president?
( April 28th, 2022 @ 4:53 pm )

No, Mrs. Slann is not my source of information. I have a brain (Quantum receptor) and discernment. I am capable of speaking for myself and coming to my conclusions.....unlike some that have to be "told" what to say. You are correct, I do support Mrs. Slann AND Sheriff Coleman. I think you simply just don't think you like my perception of reality. It doesn't feel good, does it? You've been listening to Zeppelin👌😎.

Concerned Taxpayer,

You, too, must have been listening to Zeppelin👌😎! For the record, I never said Hood's name when discussing "The Emperor", you did.

Hello, Emperor Hood.....possibly! Thank you for playing. NCSWIC.
( April 28th, 2022 @ 2:09 pm )
Hmmm! It is pretty clear who Cratch's "Emporer" and Steed's "conservative elected official" is, none other than county commissioner Hood Richardson. I do wish that Cratch's allegation that he runs things on the county commission were true because my tax bill would be a lot lower if he did. Richardson is there constantly supporting efforts to cut taxes and spending, but he and like minded commissioners have been in the minority. Those is actual control have been hiking spending and raising taxes. I would call Richardson the "leader of the opposition" rather than the "Emporer".
( April 28th, 2022 @ 8:49 am )
OK, Mr. Cratch, I will take your word for it that you did not get this disinformation directly from Buzzeo, Varco, or Waters, so that leaves the question of where did you get the Buzzeo / Varco / Waters fairy tale of who runs the county? You have mentioned before that you supported Dawn Slann's view of how the county was run. Was she your source?
( April 28th, 2022 @ 3:45 am )

No, I haven't. You know me and you know that isn't the slightest. I despise Buzzeo with a passion as well as both Kidwell AND Varcoe...for reasons other than the fact that they're operated by "Bluecoat" Buzzeo.....possibly.

It saddens me that you're twisting my words to play politics. I'm not playing politics, I'm calling it as it is. I'm not one to sugarcoat words. Never have, never will. As I've stated before and will continue to do, there is no such thing as a one sided coin. It takes two to tango.

While the public wants to maintain lower taxes and keep as much money in their pockets as possible, their tolerance of bullshit as at an all-time low. There needs to be sense of awakening and enlightenment not only in the GOP but across the board. There are honestly people in the GOP who believe that President Trump has endorsed Dr. Greg " I conspire with Kidwell to eject Patriotos who ask questions that expose us as the shitbirds we truly are" Murphy because of his "conservative stance" within the MAGA movement! I believe that Uncle D didn't endorse Murphy because he is a patrioto. I believe he's read Sun Tzu👌.

You've got Republicans running as Democrats, playing a stupid strategic game by "selling their souls" to the disaster that is now the Democrat party, and you've got Republicans who are in complete denial of reality and , like the betas who agree to sell their souls to the disaster that is now the GOP.

President George Washington warned of the times we know live in. Would President Washington be a Buzzeo, Kidwell or Varcoe carpetbagger if HE we're to say what I'm saying?

He did in 1796.

I come in peace and you know that I wouldn't drive the hell out of these points of I didn't believe them to be TRUTH.
( April 27th, 2022 @ 8:25 pm )
Mr. Cratch, you are spouting the same line as Ron Buzzeo, Paul Varco, and Frankie Waters have been spouting - two carpetbaggers and a scalawag. They want to make a conservative elected official who has never had control of either the county commission or the county GOP as their boogeyman. I wonder who sold you that fairy tale, one of them or someone else?

The problem in county government is that far left Democrat kingmaker Jerry Langley has for years been spliting Republicans so he can control who has the title of chairman and who is then dependent on him for their majority. We have let the leftwing Democrat minority (2 out of 7) control our county commission by finding egotistical Republicans willing to be useful idiots for Langley in exchange for a title. Frankie Waters is the current useful idiot, as was Jerry Evans before him. This has been going on for years. It is very clear from Mrs. Slann's statements that she is open to also being a useful idiot for Langley.

Most county policy is decided in the backroom between Langley, Waters, and the county manager. Waters' majority depends on Langley, so Langley has the whiphand.

The only way to dethrone Puppetmaster Langley is to elect Deatherage and Dunn to the county commission this year.
( April 27th, 2022 @ 6:56 pm )
While I respect both Mr. Tandy and Mr. Deatherage, I have to say, with clear conscience, that if they are THE future of the Republican party; I'm not optimistic. Again, while I respect them both, it bothers me that The Emperor has such control over them. They can't speak without fear of being scolded by a man who claims to know everything....and believes himself to be Caesar of BOCO. Anyone that upsets The Emperor is deemed as a "leftist" or "Frankie Waters in a dress".

I believe that The Emperor knows that his time is up and that he will not relinquish control until he is surrounded. Even then, he will still try to rule even when he is removed.

I think you're missing my point on "The Art of The Deal" as it is a modern translation of "The Art of War".....emphasis on Sun Tzu's "The Art of War".

Mrs. Slann has said nothing about "compromising" with the enemy. Discussing business and compromise are two different things. I believe that the attacks against Mrs. Slann aren't coming from Mr. Deatherage and others, per say, as they are only messengers.

I believe the attacks against Mrs. Slann are possibly coming mainly from one person.....The Emperor himself. That, in itself, should speak volumes about the magnitude of what's truly transpiring.

"Would you support an all Republican board?" was a loaded question and some would, through blind obedience, answer "Yes" just to kiss the ring, so to say Mrs. Slann answered the question as I would have. I would vote for whomever I feel is most qualified. Granted, my decision would be determined by body language, discernment and other key indicators.....NOT by a decree from someone who INSTRUCTS me to vote Republican because he said so. If I felt the Republican board was compromised, I'd stand toe to toe with The Emperor and tell him why I believe the Republican board to be compromised.....with information to prove it.

The key here is that nobody has challenged The Emperor as most see it as a futile effort. I'm hard headed and I can be an asshole too..... especially if I know I'm right. I believe that both Mrs. Slann and Sheriff Coleman are perceived as threats to The Emperor's "perceived" control of BOCO and it's Republican party.....because they have no fear.

If you have fear, you have complete control. If you have no fear, you cannot be controlled. The Emperor likes fear.

Perception is is projection.
( April 27th, 2022 @ 7:42 am )
There is an old saying in politics that "ya dance with who brung ya." Republican voters expect our nominees to reflect a set of principles and to organize levels of government around those principles. Mrs. Slann clearly rejects that.

"Art of the deal"? President Trump is certainly smart enough to know that when you have a 5 to 2 majority, there is no need whatsoever to have to "deal" with the two in the minority. And when those two are leftwingers, there is even less reason to do so. If you look at the responses of Langley to political questionaries when he ran for NC House, he is WAY off in left field, as bad as AOC.

Of the incumbent candidates, there is a clear choice. Stan Deatherage has been a champion pushing conservative and MAGA issues, while Frankie Waters has joined with the Democrats in opposing them. Any thinking patriot would support Deatherage and oppose Waters. The two non-incumbents break down the same way. Dunn is a budding Deatherage and Mrs. Slann is a budding Frankie, only maybe slightly smarter than Frankie.

We will not have an "all Republican" commission. There will be two Democrats on the board. The question is on leadership. Leftwing Langley has had a long run of dominating the county commission by splitting the Republicans and being the kingmaker. He has for years pulled the puppet strings of "Republican" commission chairman. Frankie WAters is so thrilled with the trappings of power that he is a useful idiot for Langley, and he is not the first one. What really needs to happen this election is to end Langley's dominance of our county commission. With all her talk of not being partisan, there is little doubt that Mrs. Slann is angling to also function within Langley's orbit. On the other hand, Tandy Dunn's tag line on his ads last campaign were "I will not sell you out to Jerry Langley". He clearly gets it while Mrs. Slann does not.

"Qualified?" The main thing a chairman does is run the meeting, and if anyone has ever watched the videos of commission meetings or been there in person, saying Frankie Waters is competent to run a meeting is downright laughable. The main thing that voters need in a commission chairman (and vice chairman) however is dedication to conservative and MAGA principles, something that Waters and Langley are NOT. We also need someone who will not let their puppet strings get pulled by the liberal bureaucrat we have as our county manager. When Waters is not being controlled by Langley, he is being controlled by the county manager, who is way too involved in making policy instead of just carrying it out.
( April 26th, 2022 @ 11:42 pm )
Conservative Voter,

I'm familiar with something Mr. Dick Adams has always said as I agree with it 117%:

"Term limits, term limits and more term limits across the board." The biggest part of the reason why the swamp is so deep in BOCO is because politicians got comfortable in power.

They've done everything they can possibly do to maintain their control and refuse to accept the fact that what THEY'VE allowed to happen must come to a stop.

Personally, I think the biggest Boogeyman in all of this is the fact that the county GOP doesn't have the sack to tell The Emperor and his court to sit down, shut up and accept that fact that their (these handful of individuals) ship has sailed.

For the love of God, you have Republican commissioners who boast about being "America First/Make BOCO Great Again" but recognize "Biden" as the legitimate President AND shoot down anyone who doesn't want, in reality, a one party authoritarian system of government.

It's obvious there are two Republican parties not only in BOCO but nationwide.....because the older generations do not want to relinquish their titles and refuse to work with the younger generations.
( April 26th, 2022 @ 5:32 pm )
Frankie Waters' hypocrisy in his tantrum at the GOP forum was really amusing. Waters is now running for a third term, but he called for a term limits to two terms. If Waters were serious about that screed, he would just withdraw his own candidacy for a third term!
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