CA wind and solar fiasco hits consumer with high prices and blackouts | Beaufort County Now | Biden wants to bring this to rest of country; Cooper wants to bring it to NC

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California's green energy experiment is backfiring on electric consumers big time, as electric rates skyrocket and blackouts loom.  California liberals have mandated a switch to wind and solar energy, which are more expensive and less reliable.  As a result, last year, the state's electric consumers saw a 7.5% rate increase which was seven times the nationwide increase in rates.  Californians now pay 70% more for electricity than the national average, the highest rates in the country.  Even, worse, it is projected that rates increases will continue and will go much higher as the state retires conventional power plants in favor of wind and solar.

At the same time, the intermittent nature of wind and solar have produced blackouts and rolling blackouts, and more are projected.  Wind turbines only produce when the wind is blowing, but produce nothing if the wind is not blowing or is blowing too hard. Solar does not work at night or during cloudy, foggy, or icy conditions.  California is desperately trying to import power from other states, but not having as much luck as they need.

All of this hits lower and middle class electric consumers hard.

All of this is a warning about where Biden wants to take the rest of the country with his "green new deal" and where Roy Cooper wants to take North Carolina.

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