Tillis, Burr sell out to Biden on fake "Infrastructure" bill | Beaufort County Now | vote for cloture even though bill wording not even released yet

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Biden's $550 Billion "infrastructure" bill has not even been released where anyone can know what is actually in it, but 17 RINO senators bought a pig in a poke and voted for cloture to get the bill past a possible filibuster.  North Carolina RINO Senators Thom Tillis and Richard "Tricky Dick" Burr were among them.

Democrats have been calling all sorts of spending "infrastructure" so there is no telling what this bill will include when it is released.  Senators will probably also not be given enough time to even read it to find out before voting on passage.

"China Mitch" McConnell was also among the sellouts, but RINO McConnell has often sold out to Democrats during his career.  In NC's upcoming Senate primary, it will be critical that we send a conservative who will help rid us of the awful turncoat GOP leadership in the Senate.  The only major candidate likely to do that is Ted Budd.  Pat McCrory has been openly endorsed by sellout Richard Burr and shares the same liberal Republican political consultant as Tillis and Burr.  Mark Walker in the House was a rubber stamp for the RINO House leadership of Boehner, Ryan, and McCarthy and would undoubtedly do the same in the Senate.


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( July 30th, 2021 @ 4:45 pm )
How can anyone especeially Republicans again vote for something they have not seen. Remember When the =Wicked Witch of the West proudly stood at her podium and said "We will have to pass it to see what is in it". I mean fool me once it is your fault, fool me twice it is mine. Just more of our Senators and Reps going along to get along and keep that gravy train rollin in. My God we have to replace these twos lunatics at the very first chance we get.
( July 29th, 2021 @ 12:23 pm )
Oh, it gets a lot worse. A majority of the spending is going to green new deal matters according to the New York Times. Tillis and Burr not only voted for it, but they were among the nine GOP traitors who helped negotiate this betrayal with Biden. And it ties in closely with another bill that will add even more green new deal spending. One has to remember that when he was in the legislature, Tillis' financial disclosure statement claimed he "owned" a small bank that specialized in loans to wind and solar projects. While the ownership was an exageration, he and his wife did have a lot of stock in that bank. Tillis is selling out America and North Carolina for his own pocketbook. We need to replace this corrupt politician in his next primary.
( July 28th, 2021 @ 8:50 pm )
According to the Gateway Pundit the entire bill is $1.2 Billion, of which $550 million is actual infrastructure and $650 million is Democrat pet projects. That Tillis and Burr voted for this far left pork barrel is appalling. Since the details of exactly what is being funded are still hidden, even from the lousy senators who just voted to let it go forward, some of the infratstructure portion may also be pork barrel and pet projects. Every RINO who voted for this crap sandwich needs a primary. To make matters even worse, this is just the beginning. Democrats have an even bigger spending bill that they plan to use "reconciliation" to muscle through that spends even more. With Democrats spending like drunken sailors and RINOs letting them do it, inflation may make the US dollar about as worthless as the Zimbabwe dollar.


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