New ad blasts McCrory ties to Red China | Beaufort County Now | As governor, McCrory paid Chinese gov't owned company from slush funds

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The Club for Growth, a leading conservative PAC, is out with a new ad exposing failed former RINO Governor Pat McCrory' connections to Red China.   It points out the three times McCrory used money from slush moneys to give money to a company owned by the Red Chinese government.  Here is the ad:


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( July 30th, 2021 @ 1:18 pm )
I have an article published today at First in Freedom Daily debunking McCrory's claim of electability. It is at
( July 29th, 2021 @ 3:45 pm )
Wait until "China Mitch" McConnell hears about this ad. The Red Chinese set up McConnell's wife and her family in the shipping business, providing the ships, cargoes, and crews. McConnell will be out there defending his fellow pro-Chinese "Republican", and besides, McConnell has already let it be known how he feels about conservatives - he says he wants "to crush them everywhere". What we really need is to elect enough conservatives to dethrone "China Mitch" from his perch as GOP Senate leader.

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