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Big Tech trying to play Orwell's Big Brother just escalated another notch, as Google-owned YouTube has blocked a major Australian TV broadcaster known for its conservative views, SkyNews Australia.  So far, its sister broadcaster, SkyNews UK is still up.  YouTube is not allowing the posting of any videos for SkyNews Australia's millions of followers.

Several SkyNews Australia videos have been posted on the Beaufort Observer.

Social media sites are the public square of the information age and need to be protected from ideological censorship that is coming from the leftwing masters of the Big Tech companies.  Legislation to do that is proceeding in a number of states and countries, but the attacks on free speech are increasing to the point those counterattacks need to be speeded up.

Conservatives should shun anything Google.  Use another search engine like the more honest and reliable DuckDuckGo.  Dump Google's gmail for another email provider like the Swiss-based Prontonmail.  Google is a major enemy of free speech.

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( August 2nd, 2021 @ 7:55 am )
The YouTUbe suspension of SkyNews Australia was for one week and prohibits new videos being posted. YouTube claims it is for videos that deny the existance of the Wuhan coronavirus, but SkyNews says it has never posted any such videos. Maybe it is time SkyNews opened a channel on the free speech site Rumble. YouTUbe is becoming PravdaTube. This is a "first strike" under YouTube's censorship regime, with second and third strikes bringing sorse repercussions. This is an effort to intimidate them and for something they did not do.
( August 1st, 2021 @ 7:43 pm )
Good to see them back up, but Big Tech flexing its muscles to take them offline for 2 days as a warning to conservatives is bad enough.
( August 1st, 2021 @ 10:08 am )
Just came from and the site is up and video's work.

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