Frankie Waters budget is biggest spending increase in county history | Beaufort County Now | Waters is as liberal as his ally Langley

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The tax-and-spend coalition running the Beaufort County Commission voted Monday to [ass a budget containing the biggest spending increase in county history, $6 millioin in new spending..  This was guided to passage by big spending coalition partners RINO Frankie Waters and Democrat Jerry Langley, the new tax and spend twins.  The budget contains such absurd boondoggles as $95,000 to give Beaufort County its own Jen Psaki, to spin the leadership's actions for political consumption.

Two of the scoundrels who voted for this monstrosity of a budget, Frankie Waters and Ed Booth will be on the ballot this November and need to be defeated.

Instead of a spending spree, commissioner Stan Deatherage proposed a ten percent tax cut, but the liberals on the commission would not go for that.  With citizens beset with high gas prices and grocery prices, that would have helped the average Beaufort County citizens much more than things like a new political mouthpieve for the county.

Taxpayers need more like Stan Deatherage and fewer like Frankie Waters and Ed Booth.

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( June 9th, 2022 @ 6:00 pm )
This is a massive spending increase for Beaufort County and for a lot of totally unnecessary things. It will almost certainly set up a tax increase next year. Frankie Waters is pulling the wool over our eyes by being Santa Claus with spending the year he runs for reelection only to be up being Scouge the next year after his election is behind him. Tax and spend politicians like Frankie Waters are a disgrace.

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