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Mayor Donald Sadler is a control freak, and has always sought a rubber stamp majority on the city council.  He has his hands in just about everything the city is doing, much more so than any mayor in the past in Washington or mayors of cities in our region.

In the 2022 election, the mayor's machine backed three candidates for a city council majority; Richard Brooks, Mike Renn, and William Pitt.  Renn has so much baggage, however, he is not running again.  Pitt turned out to have a mind of his own on a number of key issues, like voting against the Mayor's tax increase budget.

Richard Brooks is running again, and still the major's yes-man.  It is no secret that the mayor recruited Antwan Horton to run for a council seat.  But there is at least one more out there who is in the mayor's hip pocket.  Who is it?

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( September 18th, 2023 @ 1:56 pm )
Mayor Sadler is a tax and spend politician, but it is worse. His spending priorities are driven by cronyism. What has allowed the worst cronyism cesspool in Washington in the last at least fifty years is that he has had too many knee jerk rubber stamps on the City Council.

The best way to end this cronyism is to change mayors, but for an insurance policy, we also need to elect a council majority that can think for themselves and not be led around by the nose. Donald Sadler throughout his term as mayor has held Friday session with council members in groups of one or two to give them marching orders for the upcoming council meeting and script them for it. We need council members who will not fall into such a rut, no matter what mayor may try to do it. Ask council candidates it they will attend such meetings. If they will, we do not need to vote for them.

Sadler has had two absolute yes men on the council, Richard Brooks and Mike Renn. Between Brooks barely being able to read or write and Renn's substance abuse, both were easy to control. William Pitt proved too much of an independent thinker who was willing to go against the mayor's agenda when the public good demanded it, so he fell out of favor with Boss Hogg Sadler. Sadler often made up for that by corralling Lou Hodges vote. Hodges won due to public sympathy for the Covid death of her husband, but she has been a weak and vacillating member of the council, and that sympahty factor may be wearing off. Hodges told people she would vote against last year's massive ten percent tax increase, but after the mayor worked on her, she fell in line with his wishes.

Bobby Roberson has been the consistent voice for the taxpayer on the council, but he is leaving to run for mayor. We now need three taxpayer-oriented council members to form a majority.

That Sadler fundraiser next weekend should be a litmus test. Any council candidate attending should NOT get the votes of taxpayers. Word is that he has not even invited William Pitt this year. Who else has been invited and will attend? Inquiring minds want to know.
( September 15th, 2023 @ 6:56 pm )
garyceres.com if anyone wants to know where I stand.
Bubba said:
( September 15th, 2023 @ 6:49 pm )
If you like wasteful spending, high taxes, and high fees, the Sadler bunch is your ticket. If you are like most of us and want efficient, frugal city government, it is time for a change.
( September 15th, 2023 @ 6:33 pm )
Since I'm a candidate myself I'm not going to speculate outloud whom I think the other candidate(s) in his hip pocket are but I will say that Mr. Brooks is 100% in the Mayor's pocket and is the one that benefits the most off his seat. I will also say that Mr. Pitt is not in the Mayor's pocket and has recently been targeted by the Mayor. He is also unaffiliated officially so they are not at all happy with him. I can also say unequivocally that myself, Leesa Jones and Andrew "Tex" Melton stand in strong opposition to the majority of the Sadler/Russell plans for the city.
( September 15th, 2023 @ 10:29 am )
Maybe Lou Hodges is in Sadler's stable now. She said she would vote against Sadler's tax increases but then voted for them. She got elected off of a sympahy vote for Mac, but I think that has faded.

Richard Brooks is only semi-literate, and an easy politician for a political boss to lead around by the nose. Don't know anything about this Horton dude, but if Sadler recruited him to tun that is a huge red flag.

One sign to watch for is who shows up at Sadler political events. All such council candidates should be under suspircion.

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