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AOC got caught chilling out in Florida with her boyfriend, and has caught a lot of heat for being there instead of her district in NYC or in Washington.  Her response was to claim that Republicans were just upset they could not date her.  But who would want to to that in the first place, and put up with all the crazy talk, etc?

But then again, we have two nominally "Republican" "leaders" in the General Assembly, Phil Berger and Tim Moore who gave AOC a love offering just weeks ago.  That was passage of AOC's own Green New Deal here in NC, HB951 through a series of underhanded backroom power plays.  Why else would Berger and Moore screw electric ratepayers, NC taxpayers, and the Republican base generally to ram through a far reaching far left bill like that?  Is it maybe Greta Thunberg they really have the hots for instead of AOC?

To refresh your recollection on all the gory details of rape of the NC electric ratepayers by Phil Berger and Tim Moore, read the following:

The Daily Wire just did a piece on the impact of things like HB951:

Maybe we should just call our Senate President Phil Thunberger.

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( January 2nd, 2022 @ 7:32 pm )
AOC's own Chief of Staff admitted that the Green New Deal was not about the environment, but instead about building socialism. It is shameful that we have Republican so-called "leaders" in the legislature who are willing fellow travelers in building socialism. But I doubt that Phil Berger and Tim Moore went full socialist because they wanted to get in the pants of some female leftists. They did it because they are bought and paid for by some well heeled special interests, particularly ultra-"woke" Duke Energy. BTW, so is the RINO Senator Beaufort County inherited in redistricting, Sen. Jim Perry (RINO-Lenoir). Moore and Berger sold us down the river, and Perry helped them do it.

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