Anti-Trump pro-BLM Boogaloo Bois claim Capitol Breach | Beaufort County Now | More evidence that the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was a leftist False Flag

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Anti-Trump pro-BLM Boogaloo Bois claim Capitol Breach

An armed anti-Trump and pro-BLM group, the Boogaloo Bois has claimed credit for the US Capitol breach, saying their "fireteams" were both inside and outside the Capitol and were the ones who breached the police lines.  The group had actually boasted of plotting the Capitol attack before it happened.  A group of Boogaloo Bois were also recently arrested for plotting to kidnap Wisconsin's governor, and they seem to be against a wide range of political leaders.
BLM organizer John Sullivan is among the leftwingers who have also been arrested for the Capitol breach.  Sullivan is on video inside the Capitol during the takeover, and is on tape urging people to "burn it down".  Sullivan also faces charges stemming from a violent BLM protest in Colorado.
While some brainless Trump supporters clearly followed them in, this looks more and more like a leftwing operation to discredit Trump. 

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